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Mountain Provisions

27 N. Main Street, Ashland, OR 97520
10:00–6:00 Monday–Saturday; 11:00-5:00 Sunday

Our goal at Mountain Provisions is to provide the highest quality advice, apparel, footwear, and equipment at the best value to residents of the Rogue Valley and travelers alike, concentrating on hiking, backpacking, light and ultralight thru-hiking, and local water and back country snow sports. Exhibiting local art.

Currently Featured:

2nd Annual SOU Adventure Writing and Photography Class Display

Come and enjoy 27 SOU Outdoor Adventure Leadership (OAL) students’ adventure photos and stories. For 10-weeks students learned the art of composition; manipulating light through aperture, ISO, and shutter speed; and telling their story. They honed their skills to explore their natural environment though the medium of adventure, a camera, and words. Conveying meaning though creative writing and stunning photography allows a wide range of people to momentarily step into the world of adventure. And for an OAL major, there is nothing more important the igniting a passion for exploration. Inspiration can often happen from a single photo, or a poetic phrase. Let these SOU OAL students light your fire for adventure.