Liquid Assets Wine Bar

96 N. Main St., Suite 201, Ashland, OR 97520
3pm - Midnight Everyday

Liquid Assets Wine Bar displays an eclectic collection of artists that are distinguished both locally and internationally. Unique monthly displays feature a broad range of media including prints, photographs, wood work, collage, and other two dementional works. Join us for special engagement book signings and local live music. Come and peruse the wall art and enjoy some art in a glass; a delectable selection of boutique wines and a French inspired menu to satisfy all.

Currently Featured:

Photographer Joseph Linaschke, Painter Shanna Trumbly & Photographers Dan Elster & Rainen Janes

The Sculpture Series

The Sculpture Series by Joseph Linaschke

As a “photographic storyteller”, the majority of my work is commercial and portraiture, both still and video. Under the commercial banner I’ve had the opportunity to shoot just about everything, from lifestyle to dance to landscape to travel to wildlife to race car drivers and more! My favorite thing to shoot? Something new. I love a challenge.

The Sculpture Series is the realization of a 20 year fine art idea finally come to life. It involves photographing live subjects and rendering them to appear as sculptures.

Each image is being released as a limited edition of only five. With the exception of artist test prints and a single, smaller model proof, there will be no more prints made of any of these images — ever.

All images are printed at 40ʺ in their longest direction (so range from 40ʺ × 26ʺ to 40ʺ × 40ʺ) except for the two very-wide images, Valeria and Florentina, which are printed at 60ʺ wide.

Printed on a metallic paper, which is then adhered to a 1/2ʺ slab of acrylic

FINAL flattened. Layered file is PSB (unsupported by Aperture) named Rodin_2013-02-23_15-28-42_L1001543_©JosephLinaschke2013 (4).psb and lives next to this Original

FINAL. layered file is Rodin_2013-02-23_11-52-58_L1001316_©JosephLinaschke2013 (2).psb

FINAL flattened. Layered file is PSB (unsupported by Aperture) named Rodin_2013-02-23_17-34-10_L1001684_©JosephLinaschke2013 (2).psb and lives next to this Original









Shanna Trumbly

Shanna Trumbly was born into a family of highly creative individuals who always encouraged her passion for art. At nineteen, Shanna started her own business. Her remarkable series “Daydream” explores the playfulness of wakeful dreaming and how the search for meaning in our lightly conscious world can reveal a new and vivid Self. She incorporates myth, the liquidity of the unconscious mind, and a profound and whimsical respect for the inhabitants of the natural world within each gorgeously wrought image. Daydream is a 30-piece series in which acrylic paint is applied to stretched canvas. The abstract background in each piece consists of a variety of textures, stamping, and a blend of bold, earthy tones achieved through use of a variety of carved vegetables.


Shanna Tumbly Annabelles Blue Umbrella

Shanna Trumbly Reflection


Dan Elster

Dan loves the natural world and his ability to seamlessly integrate into that world allows him to capture images that would otherwise be impossible to catch. His  striking photographs can be found in fine art festivals, galleries, and private collections all over the west coast and beyond.

Dan is no longer satisfied simply documenting the natural world. He strives to create art; light, composition, behavior and razor sharp focus are almost as important as the animal itself. In the wild, every day is a struggle … just to survive. This is the story he aims to tell. He also hopes his images will serve as reminder that “we don’t own the earth, we share it.” Dan’s new collection expresses moments in nature where everything is connected, everything has significance and words do no justice. His photographs speak of age old wisdom; that of survival, the search for serenity and the magic of simply existing.

Dan Elster Crow

Dan Elster Crow











Rainen Janes

Rainen Janes was born and raised in the mountains of northern California; with a small family and few neighbors, he spent a great deal of time in solitude, exploring the mysteries of his native surroundings. developing an aesthetic eye for the untold beauty to be found in the natural world.  Shortly after high school he discovered two new passions to fuel his artistic temperament, photography and travel.

Rainen has dabbled in many forms of creation that come and go; always returning to the photograph; to that moment of time when the elements all align for a split second and the light is just right.
“Windows from Here to There” is his latest creation; hand made, back-lit box’s, created from a fine photographic print, wood, and resin.

Las Islas EncantadasLas Islas Encantadas