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Gallerie Karon

500 A Street #1 at 4th & A, Ashland, OR 97520

Featuring the creative work of 24 artists and photographers, along with antiques, artifacts, and jewelry. Our eclectic mix showcases local and regional artists from Oregon, Washington, and California. And, for fun, the gallery displays a menagerie of handmade dolls and animals.

New shows throughout the year make the gallery fresh and inviting. Visit Gallerie Karon for a twist on the usual!

Our new addition, “Gallerie Menagerie” is now open. Come see us!

Currently Featured:

Artist As Poet

A Poet’s Garden

Gallerie Karon’s next show, opening April 3rd, is all about Spring. The whole front gallery space will be transformed into a series of gardens – Japanese, Italian and natural settings.  The whole effect is romantic and fit for a poet!

We’ll have a huge assortment of poetry books and broadsides by well known authors including Steve Dieffenbacher"Stanton" by Ken Deveney Jonah Bernstein and Horst Wolf. Artistry from all the various poets showcases photography, watercolors, sum -e drawings and more.

As a special treat Dan Fellman, one of our regular musicians, and his young family have submitted poems, drawings and original music. Who knew what other things these poets could create! Come and explore for yourself our Poet’s Garden.