Ashland Art Works

291 Oak Street, Ashland, OR 97520
Current Gallery Hours: Fri - Sat: 10 - 5, Weds - Thurs - Sun: 10 - 2

3 Galleries & Sculpture Gardens in one place showcasing Local Artists: Functional Pottery, Hand Fabricated Jewelry, Paintings, Sculpture, Woodworking, Dyed Silk Scarves, Assemblage Art, Prints, Art Cards, Crazy Birds…and more!

Voted 1st Fri Art Walk: Most Fun Gallery!

Two Blocks from the Downtown Plaza

Meet the Artists ––

Elin Babcock – Assemblage Art & Paintings

Marydee Bombick – Functional and Garden Pottery

Liz Ellingson – Hand-fabricated, Sterling and Stone Jewelry

Suzanne Etienne – Acrylic Paintings

Michael Gibson – Post-impressionist paintings & Whimsical pieces

Cheryl Kempner – Metal & Ceramic Garden Art, Crazy Clay Birds

Claudia Law – Fabric Art Creations

Bonnie Morgan – Decorative & Functional Ceramics

George Popa – Dimensional Wire Sculptures

Lorene Senesac – Raku Sculpture & Wall Reliefs

Connie Simonsen – Hand-painted Silk Scarves

Shari Southard – Watercolor Painting inspired from the Natural World

Roxanne Evans Stout – Layered and Textural Collage

John Weston – Fine Woodwork & Cutting Boards



Currently Featured:

Ashland Art Works this Fall


October 3rd – Artist Demonstrations
These Saturday events had to be cancelled in September due to the air quality. We are happy to have at least one Saturday with 3 of our artists showing off the processes.

Claudia Law
Inktense blocks and Lumiere Paint[2]Textile and Multimedia Artist
Claudia Law will be demonstrating Inktense Block painting on fabric. She has recently delved into the world of using Inktense Blocks to color fabric. Come watch as Claudia transforms a piece of plain white muslin, to a brilliantly colorful piece of textile art.

Roxanne Evans Stout
IMG_0689 2Collage Artist
Roxanne will demonstrate collaging and stitching papers and fabrics together to make a larger piece of art.


Connie Simonsen
2020.9.3ASilk Artist
Connie will show several different examples of her scarves and paintings with a discussion to illustrate the techniques and silk dyes that she uses. She will also display and address the many types of silk and how a piece of silk can be readied for painting using a frame or table. The application of resist to outline an image or for abstract work will also be discussed.


October 17 and 18 Pop-up Event:


The annual Clayfolk November sale has been reimagined this year as several small pop-up events around Southern Oregon.  Ashland Art Works invites you to a pop-up event from 10:00 to 4:00 on Saturday and Sunday, October 17 and 18.  This pop-up event will be held outside in the AAW garden and feature the clay creations of four local Clayfolk artists: Bonnie Morgan, Lorene Senesac, Marydee Bombick, and Cheryl Kempner.  Come enjoy the variety of clay pieces available: mugs, bowls, sculptures, crazy birds, holiday trees, and more.  Ashland Art Works is located at 291 Oak Street.  For additional information call Cheryl at 541-552-0100.

Dancing WomenFunctional ceramic teapot by Bonnie MorganunnamedredBird9.18.2020