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Art & Soul Gallery is into its 17th year as one of Ashland’s largest and most popular gallery, featuring the work of over 30 regional artists. Many award wining, nationally recognized artists are represented. On exhibit is original art in oil, pastel, mixed media, acrylic and watercolor; in styles that range from traditional and representational, impressionistic to modern, contemporary and abstract, also gicl’ee reproductions. Artists’ note cards are available.

Currently Featured:

“Farms That Became Ashland” Oil Paintings by Carla Palmese

Billings Barn

Some scenes I have authenticated from old photos in the Southern Oregon Historical Society collection and archives, where I could still find the present day location and compare to the historic photo.  In this case, I have included the photo below the painting.

The Billings Farm, located at the corner of Jackson St.l and Highway 99, just before the railroad overpass going north, is documented by my paintings to include 2 views of the barn with it’s magnificent silo, the pond in the field that borders Hwy. 99, and the house viewed from within the farm yard.  Another smaller painting is of the driveway into the farm.

Threshing was hard work, dirty, hot, sticky stuff.  In spite of this, the faces that looked back at me in these photos were cheerful, determined and steady.  Like the horses. I wonder where they all are now, I especially wonder about all those gentle, kind giants that did the hard work.

Billings Pond

Billings Pond


Betty and Sue, Billings Farm

Betty and Sue, Billings Farm