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Art and Soul Ashland

247 E. Main St, Ashland, OR 97520
Tuesday–Saturday 10–5, Sunday 10–4

Located in the heart of downtown at 1st & Main in the historic Elks Building.

Our mission at Art & Soul Ashland is to connect each of our clients with art that inspires them!  Our collection is curated with the goal of giving people a variety of deep personal experiences. From award winning painters, sculptors and potters, to young artists exploring cutting-edge designs and techniques, the variety of works at the gallery makes it a wonderful place to contemplate and explore.

We offer exceptional art and contemporary craft in a spacious and relaxed gallery.

Currently Featured:

June Exhibit “Abstract Expressions” Featuring Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

"Soft Rain" Watercolor by Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

"Soft Rain" Watercolor by Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

Art & Soul Ashland is thrilled to announce our Featured Artist for the month of June!

Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass Abstract Watercolorist 

Lynda has been recognized for superior work for many years.  Her latest achievement awarded her 2nd Place in the Watercolor Society of Oregon’s yearly exhibit in Bend OR.  In 1973, Lynda decided to make watercolor her primary medium of focus.  Fast forward to 2023 and Lynda is now celebrating 50 years of her love of creating wonderfully expressive, abstract paintings.

The swirls and flowing patterns of her signature style add a sense of movement and energy. These organic shapes and forms intertwine and overlap, creating a mesmerizing dance on the paper. The artist’s brushstrokes are fluid and gestural, allowing the viewer to perceive a sense of motion and rhythm in the composition.

The inclusion of drips further adds an element of spontaneity and unpredictability. These delicate drips of paint cascade down the work, creating a sense of fluidity and adding a touch of randomness to the overall design. The drips may vary in thickness and length, showcasing the Lynda’s control over the medium and her ability to embrace both intentional and accidental elements.

The combination of swirling patterns, and values, and delicate drips creates a captivating abstract painting that invites viewers to interpret and engage with the artwork on a personal level. It stimulates the imagination and encourages contemplation, allowing each person to find their own meaning within the expressive beauty of the piece.


You’re Invited

Artist reception for Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass from 5-8pm during the First Friday Artwalk on June 2.  Please join us in the festivities of art talk, refreshments, wine and music provided by David Barnes.IMG955098