The Pomegranate Group Twelfth Annual Exhibit

Studio A.B is pleased to present works by Ann DiSalvo, Denise Souza Finney, Ruthe Woudenberg, Rachel Barrett, Ellen Falkner, and Mori D. These are figure drawings from weekly sessions in Finney’s studio. The Pomegranate Group began in 1996 and started showing their work in 2001. The list of alumni is long, with new members arriving by invitation and referral. Blending in easily, new members bring new ways of seeing and drawing that the whole group can learn from. Being a women’s group, topics during the visiting time gravitate to food, family and crafts. And being a group of artists, they share tips and techniques in mediums, styles, and favorite influences in great artists. Chocolate is involved while drawing and while showing the works. Meet the artists and learn about life drawing sessions: what makes them successful whether using charcoal, paint, pencil, pastel or pen. Bassist, Joe Cohoon will perform during the opening.