Schneider Museum of Art Summer Exhibitions

Current Exhibitions Summer 2018 On View: Wednesday June 6th – Saturday, September 8th Private Opening Reception: Saturday, June 2nd to coincide with the Museum Gala. RSVP Required Nancy Friedemann-Sánchez, Casta Paintings Douglas Melini, When the Moon Hangs on the Wall: Landscapes, Seascapes, and Abstracts Esther Ruiz, Hyperion Karla Wozniak, I Often Dream of Mountains   Heiter Gallery: Image caption: Nancy Friedemann-Sánchez, Mulata, Ink on Tyvek Collage, 80×40 inches, 2017 Nancy Friedemann-Sánchez, Casta Paintings Anchored in feminism, my work is informed by North and South American cultural forms that become fused together. My practice is a bicultural and trans-cultural experience; it speaks of difference and opposites. I grew up in Colombia and migrated to the US when I became an adult. Today, I make art in two languages dealing with the curious and extraordinary experience of roaming between these two worlds. Yet, there is an important piece of myself rooted in Colombia. I create visual expressions dealing with hybridity and syncretism that has taken place since the conquest of the Americas which is replicated and experienced in the migration process. I am currently creating a visual novel comprised of paintings, sculptures and mixed media that together, and in different […]