Still-life Florals and New Water Paintings

Approaching Emerald Bay

Falling water creates rivers and creeks, and nurtures colorful blooms that lift our spirits and remind us of balmy weather. Oak Leaf Studio is featuring a new painting of  Lake Tahoe, which you may have seen “under construction” during the Open Studios Tour. Artist Leif Trygg has completed this mixed media piece created by using both watercolors and pastels and it is now up for viewing. Taking a cue from nature again, Trygg observes the world around him and translates those images into personal statements. His series of still-life flower paintings depict Shasta Daisies, roses,  bouquets of peonies, and more. Each is a contemplative view of individual blooms rendered in compelling tones and whimsical but classic settings. Originals as well as prints and cards will be available for viewing and purchase.