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Glassworks by Ashland Glass Act We are proud to feature our midsummer spotlight artists, Daniel and Stef Seffinger of Ashland Glass Act. Danny has studied and continues to study at the Bullseye Glass Education Center in Portland and has 13 years of glass work experience. He is a skilled and experimental glassmaker, who loves the concept of glass flow and movement. Currently, his interest has been captivated by tapestry and murrini glass. Stefani, along with her 10 years of glass work, has varied art work experience which includes photography, drawing, design, ceramics and watercolor. Her initial interest in glass was in using torch work skills to make glass beads. The studio specializes in a variety of hand crafted techniques and styles using Bullseye glass. These include creation of murrine cane, layered assemblage, edge construction, segment and flow bar construction, pot melts, glass flow pieces, tapestry design, weaved design and torch work. Their products are art pieces, specialty items, items for home use including bowls, platters, trivets, vases, and wall art. Recently, due to their concern about the environment, they have been creating wall art and recycled necklaces to promote environmental awareness. Their latest environmental wall art piece is […]