Standhardt Studio

Storage Vessel, Standhardt Studio

“The art of Pre-Columbian Native Americans and the work of ancient cultures around the world have been a strong influence on my work. In particular, I am drawn to the qualities of primitive vessels that were created by the process of pressing a layer of clay onto the interior surface of a basket. The interior pattern of the basket becomes the exterior surface of the clay vessel once fired. This ingenious method created vessels with three strong elements: form, pattern, and texture. These are the focus of my work and nature’s endless combinations of these elements is my inspiration. “After I throw each vessel on the potter’s wheel and it dries leather-hard, I trim its rough edges and indent the exterior surface with a variety of handmade steel tipped tools. In a single vessel, the number of indentations can vary from 500 to 5,000, each placed by hand and eye. Thus, no two vessels are ever the same. ” -Kenneth Standhardt