Abstract Paintings

Born in Arcata, California, and raised in Ashland, Oregon, Megan Headley has always felt the need to create. Staying true to her passion she pursued a degree in Fine Art with an emphasis in painting. Megan studied at multiple Universities and institutes both nationally and internationally, ultimately receiving her degree from Oregon State University in 2007. Shortly after graduating, Headley relocated to Denver, Colorado where she painted part time and was the Installation Manager at Museo de las Americas- a Latin American Art Museum. Megan\’s decision to become a full time artist coincided with her move back to the Rogue Valley in the summer of 2011. Currently she works out of her studio in Talent, Oregon. “I enjoy taking objects, experiences, or places and breaking them down into shapes, patterns, colors and textures. My inspiration sometimes comes from nature and the particular energy that a place has. Other times my work is informed by a more personal space- the mental space one travels to when doing nothing. In Taoism it is referred to as ‘Wu Wei,’ the paradoxical ‘action of non-action’.” “I find that these spaces are best explored on […]