May 2021: John/Robin Gumaelius & Robert Koch

John and Robin Gumaelius 
Undecided Rider 
Ceramic Sculpture

John/Robin Gumaelius & Robert Koch  Ceramic Sculptures and Narrative Paintings May 13 – June 26 Gallery Hours: Thursday – Saturday 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. John and Robin Gumaelius Ceramic Sculptures Robin and John Gumaelius, collaborating artists and husband and wife, create articulated human and birdlike sculptures. They combine ceramic, steel, and wood as they form highly inventive sculptures that are often comical or bizarre. Elements of children’s stories, religious icons, reliquaries, Medieval and Renaissance history, African skin decoration, and holy relics from Germany can be seen in their work.   Robert Koch  Narrative Paintings Gestural strokes and spontaneous marks collide with color blocks in  Robert Koch’s narrative vignettes. Often prompted by found  photographs, Koch takes the liberty to make his subjects humans or  creatures inhabiting the same world. Having the appearance of quickness and even naiveté, Koch’s deft drawing skills mean each mark is playful and intentional at the same time.