August :: Bobbie Jansen & Gabriel Mark Lipper, paintings :: still lifes & portraits

Aeada, Gabriel Mark Lipper

At first glance Bobbie Jansen and Gabriel Mark Lipper’s paintings are still lifes and portraits, and while both artists approach painting with a respect to these traditions, they share a greater concern for the archetypal resonance of their subject matter.  Transcending the individuality of a woman or the functionality of a shoe, through painting the artists are relating to a broader association with people and objects in our lives; our mothers, our sisters, our everyday burdens/joys….existing at times as both anonymous, yet deeply familiar and always universal. Show runs from August 4th – 30th with an artist reception on First Friday, August 5th from 5-8 p.m.   For Albany artist, Bobbie Jansen, it is often in the process of painting an object that she discovers her connection to it. It may be as simple as the shape or color, but more often it is a symbolic stand-in for something greater. The objects may find themselves in a tight, claustrophobic interior, or in an endlessly expanding exterior. At times they are singular, and isolated, at other times multiplied, intertwined, and chaotic. They may be whole with every detail described, or be fractured, veiled […]