Focus on the Mood


FOCUS ON THE MOOD Paintings by Wayne Armstrong and Karen Staal “I am a great admirer of Vermeer, de la Tour, Hopper and those artists who capture quiet, private moments. Each of these paintings are meant to do the same. The spare compositions, muted colors and lack of features direct attention towards an interior drama. My hope is that each viewer can reveal what is invisible and make tangible what has been implied.” W.A. Karen Staal uses the figure to structure her paintings. Her intention as she begins is not to tell a story but rather to compose by focusing on elements and fundamentals of composition as she paints spontaneously. A successful result for her comes through exploration and discovery during the painting process. Since human figures are the subject, a narrative takes shape and however ambiguous, each viewer brings their own experiences to an interpretation. Occasionally, Karen sees that she has created an image that reflects her personal life.