Holiday Salon

grace and carl

“Grace” by Wataru Sugiyama is standing in front of “Over, Under, Sideways” (detail) by Vince carl. Our Annual Salon will include work by all gallery artists. Featured work includes paintings, encaustics, woodcuts, monoprints, sculpture – mixed media, bronze, wood and ceramic. This exhibit is scheduled from November 25 – December 31.

Beauty in the Time of Climate Change

Winter's Wait 400

Photographs by Doug Smith, Jim Chamberlain, Vincent Leandro and friends. Quote from “Shifting Patterns” published in 2008: “Beyond the classic ingredients that form the world – earth, air, fire, and water – we must acknowledge another: people. Like it or not, humanity is an essential component of all the living systems on the planet, and how we behave will determine the future not just of ourselves, but of every living thing. There is no escaping the consequences of human activity. Like all animals, human beings are, most fundamentally, consumers. We seek abundance, safety, and ease, and have been remarkably successful at getting them. Unfortunately, at the base of it all is the flawed assumption that our consumption of the world’s good things can increase forever. Sooner or later, that assumption was bound to catch up with us. Thanks to climate change, it looks like it’s going to be sooner. . Humans are consumers, yes, but we are also capable of astounding generosity, imagination, creativity, and compassion. This is the time to begin.”