“Exposures,” a photography invitational

“Exposures” presents the work of four regional artists. Diana Standing: “Photography gives me the opportunity to look at our world in new and intimate ways, and to share those magical moments. In this exhibit I explore photo ‘expressionism.’ With the camera as a paintbrush I use focus, shutter and aperture settings to create saturated canvases with abstract and impressionistic qualities. I hope these works can transcend subject matter by focusing on light, shape, color and rhythm to evoke a deeper meaning than the surface of the canvas.” Prescott Lewis: Regarding his childhood travels Lewis says, ” I was the official daydreamer of the family. I was transfixed by the infinite rows of plowed fields and the towering electrical transmission lines that marched across the landscape. To this day I am still amazed by the human signature wherever I go and increasingly share contemporary concerns regarding our impact on the natural world. “..I photograph the scenes using a hand held camera, creating a bridge between the innocent wandering eyes of my childhood and my passion for capturing that same world with intent.” Vincent Leandro: Vincent casts an appreciative eye on the […]