Invented by Jamie Newton

Jamie Newton, formerly of Ashland and now Portland, recently returned from a month long artist’s residency in “Playa”, Lake County, Oregon. Results from his experience there will be included along with previous inventions for the month of March. Jamie, a fine artist, makes Art. The reference to invention is also fitting because his process, especially with sculptural pieces, includes parts that work or do things. What they “do” may be inconsequential or absurd but the process is what it’s all about. His work is generally very complex and yet always appears to be fresh and not labored over. Excerpt from Jamie Newton’s Artist’s Statement: “Part of my fascination with the creative process is following those little sparks that send me off on the tangents, the surprising bits that all of a sudden seem to relate, either to each other or a larger whole. It is usually unexpected and is rarely predictable. Most of the dead ends, or at least the less successful explorations, tend to come with trying too hard. Similar to bearing down on an elusive thought problem, the answer often comes when one is relaxed, been distracted or […]