Gallerie Karon’s October show is appropriately all about phantoms and masks. Wonderful artists who have died or moved away and seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth, not to be found (ghosts or phantoms?). At any rate, they still show their outstanding artwork with us as do others who have simply moved away but still in touch.

Our phantoms include Jack MccLarty, Mari, Vernon Lawhorn, Micki McCormic and others. Along with their artwork we will show is masks from many countries. Masks from Africa to Japan and others.

The final category for the show will be a variety of puppets, (hand, string and rod). Look for the sales display of puppet heads and the English butler, monsters and very stranger “others”! Complete puppets are the “Villain” and the ” Witch” and a roller skating cow too!! Many of these are vintage and some are more contemporary like Kermit the Frog. Natural life like animal puppets complete the show.

It’s fun and spooky at the same time. Not so spooky is the live music jazz trio, Stolen Moments playing from 5 to 8 on First Friday.