Images Through the Eye of the Lens

Grandmother Agnes Pilgrim  by Sarah Bronson

It’s been several years since Gallerie Karon has done an all photography show. Photography artists have become more and more important despite the realization that everyone has a cell phone with a camera. It’s a fact that a snap of your Aunt Maudy in front of the Taj Mahal or a cute selfie is not art. Our artists will inspire to take more time, care and possibly a lesson or two to produce really worthy pictures.

Included in our show are about 15 artists including Pam Danielle, Todd Davis, Jesse Widener and Jamie Lusch. Subjects include portraits, wildlife and scenes from Ashland and Africa. There are a full range of styles and techniques such as silver prints, color, black and white and prints on metal. There is inspiration to be found at this exhibit at Gallerie Karon!