Husbands, Wives and Lovers

The Country Dance
by Renoir

Inspired By Love

Art by couples, some working alone, and some creating joint projects. a good example is Shoshanah Dubliner and her husband Craig R. Comstock who worked on the same painting, brush stroke by brush stroke.

Raina Bradshaw contributes one of a kind using semi precious beads and Swarovski crystals.Roger Bradshaw has several different CDs, one solo and two with his band, 221 Fly. John Hauschild will also contribute several of his classic blues CDs and his wife, Brooks, will present one of her mixed media paintings. Several of our couples artists, have moved from Ashland but continue to share with us. This includes Jerri Cook ( porcelain portraits) and her husband,Bruce Barton (aphorisms, poetry and books)

These are just a few of our artists inspired by love.(Of course we never reveal who the lovers are!)