Jennifer Anne Nelson’s beautiful paintings August and September

Biography Jennifer Anne was born in the desert and spent her childhood tracing the desert canyons and mesas formed by the passage of time and water. She pursued art growing up, and received a B.A. degree from UC Berkeley. She has shown in southern California and throughout the Bay Area, and is currently living in southern Oregon. Jennifer Anne’s art captures imaginative worlds based on research of old stories and legends. Her work currently focuses on the flora and fauna, the architecture, and the geography of the stories of Mt. Shasta, Atlantis, the Pleiades, constellations, and hidden cities. Statement My pieces are examinations of that which has been left behind. My work is a tool that gathers the mysteries transcribed in myths and legends: forging a partnership with the materials, there is a freedom given to myself, the ink, the water and the page — unlocking those pregnant moments, the movement amidst the stillness. Activating the once dried pools of ink allows archetypes, symbols, and wild landscapes to emerge.