Featured Artist at Creekside Pizza February & March; Brie Ehret Barron

when i paint i am drawn into the world of the unknown, of discovering and expressing emotions, touching the wings of soul and a world that can’t easily be unveiled by words. living in a world of mind and body that didn’t support heart and soul, i unconsciously started out very early in my life to use drawing and painting to express in ways no words can capture. having gone through decades as a degreed graphic designer and art director in advertisement, i returned to art when i started my own inner emotional work. fascinated with bringing my own emotions to canvas and letting them be alive, uncensored and not judged, i started helping people express the divinity of what they feel and could as such move my deep love for them and how much i care. connecting open-heartedly with people brought me to a place where i love creating individual soul art for others by listening to what wants to be seen or unveiled, either to help a difficult life situation or just as a reminder of their own spiritual roots, leading to the unknown within which is the […]