Featuring Photographer Jade Hincks

Jade Hincks. Student, Business Owner, Artist. South African born and bred, from the moment we meet, you will know me. Having acquired an extensive certificate in Fine Art Photography at the age of 18, my parents and I packed up and relocated to the wonderful US of A. The land of dreams did not fall short: settling in the gorgeous Southern Oregon, pursuing a Masters Degree, living my life to its fullest with loved ones, and not to mention having the rare and shinning opportunity to start my very own small business. As I grow, so do my dreams, and it is with each and every individual with whom I connect that my heart grows tenderer and my passion to capture life burns brighter. Currently 23 and a Bro-ista at Dutch Bros, my life is packed with activity. I aspire to be more like my mother and close circle of friends: graceful, motivated and fearless. Feel free to connect with me at anytime – I welcome any chance to be more involved with the world.  www.lilysandhorns.com