Creeks at Creekside by D. Zeno Thanes

I love to paint and draw. I love color. I love the feel of wet paint sliding under the brush and the smell of oil and turpentine. I love to see images appear out of the end of a pencil or pen where there was only a blank paper before. I love the feeling of being lost in the creative process to such an extent that I seem to be watching myself work. There is a certain level of absorption when the magic of creating takes over and the pieces seem to come alive on their own. I have been living in Oregon for more than thirty-five years. My visual investigations have taken many forms, many different uses of materials and manners of interpretation. I have always found the landscape of Oregon to be a source of visual inspiration, and giving rise to many aesthetic questions. How do the clouds move across the ridgeline at the end of the valley? What is that particular light and color that envelope the mountains early or late in the day? What is it about a creek which is so mesmerizing and peaceful? This […]