Featuring Ashland High School Students Sonora and Sam

Sonora Mindling Werling They say that for a warrior, the sword should be an extension of the arm; art is like that for my soul. I am not particularly good a verbalizing my thoughts, when I try to explain things I often get muddled up and lost in the tangle of ideas and vague concepts, until I am left wandering a perpetual forest of “Like, if you put the thing with the other thing it would be cool because of reasons.” With art, it’s not like that. If I have a vague idea, I will paint with watercolors and just swirl blues and yellows and reds into cloudy shapes until suddenly, a clear image will appear out of the ambiguous hues. Sometimes I will have a clear thought, and I will create that also, dashing on oils or charcoal until my blank paper is full of my feelings or the images that come to me at 3am. I had an art teacher that used to say that art should be a verb. I am not just doing art, I am arting. I do art because it is my way of […]

Featuring Ashland High School students

Creekside Pizza is excited to feature Ashland High School students Sonora Mindling-Werling and Sam Gostnell. Both artists enjoy to paint in different styles but share a similar understanding of expression. The idea that art can begin with a concept and in the end take on a completely different form is embraced by both. Please come in for some great pizza and check out their unique body of work!