April and May Artist

Our featured local artist this month is Rueben Davis. After 14 years in business, owning and operating a snowboard/skateboard shop, a tattoo/piercing shop, a hair salon, and a record store, Rueben went into teaching. Earning a degree in biology and two master’s degrees, he spent the last few years teaching high school biology and environmental science as well as courses at SOU. So what’s next? Painting of course. “My paintings embrace the fact that I have no training or skill as a painter. With no preconceptions of what art should be, I am not afraid of failure. I treat painting as an experiment because in an experiment there is no success or failure, only results. What will happen if I do this? Or that? My paintings are bright and energetic, they are abstract and amateurish, they are fun and large and hard to miss. I am interested in capturing kinetic energy, the impression of movement, as well as the chemistry of colors, arresting a mixture of colors and textures mid reaction to see if I can derive an image from it. Mixing and cracking, clumping layer upon layer of color. […]