Saddle Road: A Grandmother and Granddaughter Art Exhibit

First Friday Art Opening March 6th, 2020   Ashland Natural Medicine Gallery of  Art Presents SADDLE ROAD Nancy Puterbaugh & Molly McBrayer Feburary 6th, 2020 – March 31, 2020   Saddle Road, is a colorful story of the ever-changing face of nature/nurture and of two artists from two very different generations who are closely related. Grandmother, Nancy Puterbaugh and Granddaughter, Molly McBrayer for the first time ever are showing their incredible talents together. This 2020 New Year marks 20 years since the passing of her grandmother, Nancy. The combining of these two artists is not just a memorial, but more importantly a touching celebration of the power of inspiration passed down from one generation to another creating a legacy that lasts more than a single lifetime. Nancy Puterbaugh (Grandmother) a Plein Air Expressionist artist did not start painting until her husband retired. She was used to having her home to herself and when her husband retired she needed something to focus on. Inspired by Vincent Van Gough, she began to paint and soon became very close friends with the famous Bay Area painter, Pam Glover. Pam Glover is well known for […]