January 2018, Jennifer Jensen: AFRICA, Fashion & Photography

Jennifer Jensen uses African Textiles and Photographs  to capture the beauty of the animals, places she visited and the people she experienced while on Safari in Africa. She writes, "I was in the Garden of Eden".

ANM Gallery of Contemporary Art is thrilled to host local Ashland artist, Jennifer Jensen’s newest works of art titled:  Africa, Fashion & Photography   This exceptional show is a beautiful combination of creative expression and inspiration from her travels to Selous Game Reserve, in South West Tanzania where she photographed wildlife in the bush and then onto Zanzibar where Jensen purchased African fabrics to bring home and design her clothing. Line, color, shape and texture are just some of the strong art elements that weave together her clothing design choices and carefully selected compositions in each safari image.  The care and attention to detail in creating each clothing and photograph clearly makes a statement of her devotion and passion to her crafts. Each dress, each skirt each jacket, are wearable individual art pieces that are truly stunning.  These garments purposefully are hung on the gallery walls side by side with the photographs.  Together these two different mediums emulate a uniquely original show that ignites the  true essence of Africa’s wildlife, geography, textiles and culture. Meet the artist, Jennifer Jensen Please join us for 1st Friday Art Opening: January 5th, 2018 […]