For September: Tapestries & Masks by Monique Barker; Watercolors And a New Book by Catherine McElroy

COLORFUL TAPESTRIES AND MASKS, DESIGNED AND CREATED BY MONIQUE BARKER Monique has practiced the art of pile rug knotting on the loom since 1986, when she met her teacher, Karma Sherap, near Katmandu, Nepal. In art school in Paris, she became fascinated with shamanistic masks, another aspect of Tibetan culture. Monique’s richly colored artworks seem transported from another world, and for good reason. But she’s brought them to you. MEET WATERCOLOR ARTIST/AUTHOR CATHERINE McELROY Come and share the laughter with Watercolor Artist/Author aka Queenie Mac, displaying her original watercolor paintings and her new children’s book “It’s An Absolutely Perfect Day For…” Kathy will also present her “Spelletoes” alphabet placards. Enjoy her artwork at; View her book at; MUSIC ALERT: On First Friday, September 7, Ashland Artworks will present CRITICAL MASS, a \”Southern Oregon\” group. Their music is a blend of Jazz, Blues,Latin, and Rock styles with most of their tunes being original and instrumental. The instrumentation of the band is typically rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass guitar, saxophone, congas and set drums, but for the first Friday art walk , it will be rhythm guitar, lead […]