August Features: Reflections by Marcia O

MARCIA O’ROURKE: My first serious sculpture was a turtle carved from a bar of Ivory soap. I spent my entire allowance on bars of Ivory soap. I have continued to sculpt since then! And turtles continue to interest me. I work in clay and I also paint and draw. Almost any medium is a potential opportunity for creative expression. Still, the responsive, organic nature of the clay continues to call to me, excite me and satisfy my senses. LORENE SENESAC: My work features clay sculptures predominately depicting portals or gateways leading the viewer on a journey. I’ve been inspired by dreams and my travels to ancient and sacred sites on this continent and abroad. The mystery evoked by partially hidden doors and steps curving beyond sight has always drawn me. I am reminded of possibility and choice, each path a different future, each door opening to another experience. My sculptures are most often Raku fired. This method produces lustrous metallic and crackle glazes against a black clay body which creates the sense of mystery I want to achieve. Although my work comes from my own experiences and observations, the intent […]