January at Ashland Art Works

Guest are delighted by the wide variety of Unique Fine Art and the Handcrafted, Affordable Gifts & Cards: Jewelry, Wire Sculptures, Pottery, Mugs, Woodwork, Cutting Boards, Hand-dyed Silks, Ceramics, Paintings, Sculptures, Raku, Crazy Birds, Fine Art Prints, and Cards. AAW is the home of the wonderful watercolors by Catherine McElroy, Raku Sculpture by Lorene Senesac, Cutting Boards & Wordwork by John Weston, George Popa’s unique Wire Sculptures, Cheryl Kempner’s Charming Crazy Birds and jewelry, Elin Babcock’s Assemblage and Paintings, and Marcia O’Rourke’s Reliefs and Paintings. We welcome our newest artists: Connie Simonsen with Beautiful Hand-painted Silks and Marilyn Reeves’ Sculptures. 5 Galleries and the Sculpture Garden: As always, you will be amazed by our selection of Fine Art and Crafts. In Jan and Feb we are open 11am-3pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.