Fiber meets Pottery meets Painting

thumbnail_Crowned Cranes in Flight

Potter and Painter, Lucille Burke and Photographer Judy Benson Lanier are featured artists, Artist Member show in the classroom. Music by Martin Ball. Wine by Platt Anderson Cellars

Artist Member Show

Several times a year, Ashland Art Center offers its Artist Members the opportunity to participate in an artist member show.¬†The next show will be held on First Friday, August 2, from 10:00 am – 8:00 pm in the main classroom. Artist, Jay Gordon, Kristine Ballenger and Andre Satie¬†will be showcasing their work. Jay Gordon Show: The Inky Ocean Series The Inky Ocean series developed out of a love of watercolor, ink and printmaking, along with the beauty of aquatic life in Japanese artwork, particularly within the history of traditional Japanese printmaking. I love the process of taking an initial drawing or idea and considering how it can be rendered with different types of materials, which influence the mood, structure, and graphic story of each creature. The juxtaposition of the fluid transparency of watercolor combined with the solidity of ink is endlessly interesting to me as an artist, as are the variety of prints that can be created with the processes of relief print, intaglio and monoprinting. Each of these methods has in common the combination of careful planning along with a significant element of chance and surprise. Kristine Ballenger Show: […]