Kickstarter Campaign Benefiting Homeless Youth Featured at Ashland Art Center

Yelena Joy, an artist from Ashland Art Center is Studio # 4, is offering a unique opportunity for homeless youth. Medford has the second highest number of homeless youths in Oregon. The Heart-Art Experience is an art therapy- like process, through which the participant has the opportunity to see himself as fully capable, whole and \”un-broken\”, and to experience inner power and shift limiting beliefs. The project was inspired after Ms. Joy connected with youth in need, most recently with homeless youth at the Maslow Project, a non-profit organization that provides help in meeting basic needs, along with education and enrichment opportunities for homeless and at-risk homeless youth ages 0-21. Joy said, \”When I went to the Maslow project for the first time, I experienced a completely different reality, a reality that is unknown for most of us, and one which we would like to avoid.\” When you need to take care of basic needs, it is easy to forget the power within and to treat yourself as \”broken\” rather than as an equal member of society. Twenty years ago, Ms. Joy began working as a medical psychologist and artist […]