“Light and Illusion”

Awakened Path Jeff Fennel ~Acrylic on Aluminum

Take time to come by the Gallery to view Jeff’s exceptionally unique and amazing work in our front window.

Let’s Get Digital!

"Snowy Aurora" by Jessica Hitchcock ~Digital Painting

Annual High School Student Exhibition The March 2020 Exhibit features the work of three High School students: Jessica Hitchcock, Gail Schmidt and Avery Sayre. Jessica Hitchcock: As a student, I am constantly working towards a higher level of art production. I find value in pieces which demonstrate my improvement or mastery of a specific subject in art. I typically choose my subjects based on an emotional or intellectual stirring I get from it and how it can help me improve. My goal as a painter is to convey and accentuate the feeling I get from a subject to the viewer. I began drawing and painting when I was young and gradually moved towards it being a budding profession since early middle school when I began digital art. My digital process fluctuates but generally follows the order of choosing a subject or a few and blocking in about 3 rough sketches, then choosing or compiling the best parts. Next, I block out the values with broad shapes and slowly work with a smaller and smaller brush as I refine it, keeping each refinement on its own photoshop layer for this stage. […]