Those Who Don’t Believe in Magic Will Never Find It

Pen and Ink drawings by Gorgeous Gwen “Greetings and welcome to Gorgeous Gwen’s world of Pen and Ink.Within every inch of our earth I find many worlds, textures and abundant life.It is my delight to portray the lyrical and magical details of our earth in Pen and Ink.I pencil sketch my compositions directly onto watercolor paper.I love how the pen connects with the pits and dimples of the textured paper.I use up at least one pen per drawing, laying down thousands of strokes and seemingly miles of ink.” Gorgeous Gwen injects warmth and humor into her detailed natural world inspired Pen and Ink drawings. She has traveled extensively to show her work at some of the nation’s highest rated fine art shows and her drawings are in private collections all over the world. Music by Douglas Ross, Dulcimer