Mixed media paintings by Native American Farrell Cockrum

Farrell Cockrum "Horse" 40" x 30"

  In September, American Trails will be highlighting the work of Blackfoot artist Farrell Cockrum. Farrell’s great passion in life is informing the world of his rich, Native American heritage through his contemporary works of art. Steeped in the traditions and culture of his native ancestors, Farrell captures the spirit of the Blackfeet Nation in each of his unique and colorful paintings. Vivid color, rich texture and striking subject matter are core ingredients in a Farrell Cockrum painting. Farrell’s captivating subjects include native figures and honored wildlife; such as the majestic eagle, the American bison and the strong, silent western bred horse. Add a touch of abstract expressionism and streaming colors of a Blackfoot Chief and you are entering Farrell’s world. Farrell studied at art at the Institute of American Indian Art in Santa Fe in the early 1980’s. He is very well known throughout the southwest and collected across the world. He lives and paints in Albuquerque.

1970’s Kachinas and Lelooska Dolls

  American Trails is proud to highlight the collection of 1970’s Hopi Kachina dolls and NW Coast dolls made by Shona-hah from Ricky and Linda Miller. Here is how Ricky described the relationship between his father and the Hopi artists: My parents were in Scottsdale, AZ looking at Kachina’s in the stores, and my dad wanted to meet an artist.  One of the owners of the store put him in touch with Joe Gash.  So they went out to the third mesa to Joe Gash’s home.  He met and liked him very much,  purchased a Kachina from him that day.  After my dad returned home, he began to correspond with Joe Gash.  He  had a couple of Kachina doll books and would look through them and would find a doll that caught his eye; hence, he would write to Joe Gash and ask him to carve it for him.  A couple of months later, it would be delivered to his home.,  This is how he dealt with the purchases from him.  After receiving the doll, he would send a check with an order for another one, along with any embellishments […]