Raku Sculpture and Fine Woodworking

"Dancing with Fire," raku sculpture by Lorene Senesac

“Dancing with the Fire,” raku sculptures celebrating Spirit by Lorene Senesac. Fine woodworking using Oregon wood by John Weston; turned bowls, benches, and more.

Metal Worker and Painter Randall Grealish, Painter Catalina Smith and Photographers Joeseph Linaschke and Dan Elster

Randall Grealish Featured Image

    Randall Grealish Randall Grealish is a painter and metal worker. His pieces exude a simple, modern elegance  as geomentric angles meet the fluidity of absract concepts. His art is guided by his instincts, his curious nature & a sense of discovery, as well as great music which fuels the energy and work flow of each new piece that is created.  His goal within his artwork is not perfection but rather to honestly represent the efforts & the outcome that each new creation presents.                         Catalina Smith Catalina Smith is a local artist who’s medium is a mixture of oil and acrylic paints. She paints surrealist, fantastical images that leave your mind wondering if it has truly seen everything that the painting has to offer. Complex and detailed, her paintings are inspired by threading layers of vivid color and memories through allusion. Her only desire is that viewers of her art would experience a “technicolor jolt, transporting them to a land of relentless vibrancy, even if just for a moment.”                     […]

Intimate Visions

Observation 1 & 2

ENCAUSTICS BY CATHY VALENTINE and COLLAGES BY JOSHUA STRINGER “My work is abstract in nature, with a sense of randomness. I consider my paintings to be a type of emotional landscape, my own internal language. I feel as though my pieces provoke memories and experiences of my past, and move into my present life. The process I use currently is a build up of layers of encaustic and drawing directly onto the wax, exploring transparencies. Encaustic is suited for such explorations. The use of this material seems to combine many disciplines, collage, printmaking imagery and sculptural qualities are seen in the final result.” Cathy Valentine. Joshua Stringer is a mixed media artist living in Salem, Oregon. He received his BFA in painting and printmaking from Southern Oregon University in 2005. Since then his work has evolved to become centered on collage techniques with a minimalist aesthetic. This reflects his interest in contemplative spirituality and the aesthetics of wabi-sabi. His thoughtfully spare, yet beautiful work incorporates found images and materials, dried plants, watercolor paint, cut paper, thread, and pencil drawing.

Ashland Green

The Fountain at Noon

New fresh pastel paintings of scenes around Ashland by fine artist Leif Trygg

The Female of the Species – Through September

The Female of the Species
Over 20 female artists all in a show of their own. By invitation – all women – all media

“Funny Farm” Oil paintings by Dana Feagin

"Sugar Rush"  Oil painting by Dana Feagin

Dana Feagin’s new exhibit “The Funny Farm”, captures the silly side of farm animals we love. 10% of sales from this show will be donated to Sanctuary One, a local non-profit care farm.

Do What Your Heart Wants to Do, Printmaking and Mixed Media by Denise Kester

"Mother Natura Revisited" is a mixed media encaustic 16 X 20. This is a detail from the original.

Printmaking and Mixed Media by Denise Kester in studio #8 upstairs. Gallery Coop Artists; Natalie Stawsky, Handmade fabric flowers upstairs in Studio #2, and Jo Ann Manzone, Wearable Felt Art upstairs in studio #9. Live music and refreshments for the First Friday reception. Three floors of art and artists studios to explore!

Open Up To New Perspectives!

Opening Up To New Perspectives, title of J. Ellen Austin's sculpture made from Italian Translucent Alabaster, and she is peeking through the opening at you.

JEGA featured artists: Steve Bieback, Metal Sculpture; Jason Bueter, Photography and Metal Garden Art; Kathy Beal, Abstract Painting; Chris Dworin, Ceramic Sculpture; Dawn Ferrari, Stone Sculptures; Nakom U-aksorn, original watercolors; Neil Stewart, Contemporary Sculpture; Tej Steiner, Ceramic Sculpture; Lucious M. Upshaw, Limited Edition Bronze Sculptures; Daniel Verner, Acrylic Paintings; Ingo Wedde, Outdoor Metal Sculpture; And J. Ellen Austin, Stone, Bronze and multi media Sculpture.