Oil Paintings and Three-dimensional Wire Sculpture Featured

"Shell Collection," oil, by Michael Gibson

“Open Wings,” wire sculptures by George Popa. Michael Gibson showing “Collection Boxes,” trompe l’oeil paintings in oil. Music by Rutendo Marimba Bands with Sonic Kaleidoscope.

Featured: Local Artist Rueben Davis during June and July at Creekside

Most people know Rueben as the skateboard guy. Or maybe the snowboard guy. Or maybe he pierced your belly button when you were 15. You may have seen him prancing with fire on the Plaza before it was overrun with hippies, or perhaps he taught Biology to your children at Ashland High. Rueben is a riddle, lost in a mystery, inside an enigma, wrapped in bacon. And now he thinks he can do fine art. Brightly colored reactions intertwine with crackles of unmixed paint, kinetic chemistry and splashes of movement, experiments in controlled chaos conjuring images of the natural world as seen through the eyes of a lunatic polymath. Amazing pieces, definitely worth lots of money.

June Offerings at the Schneider Museum of Art

Spring Exhibitions on View through Saturday, June 6 Currently on view at The Schneider Museum of Art (SMA) are four thought-provoking exhibitions.  The shows include installations by Marlene Alt and Garrick Imatani created in response to the “site” of the landscape, history, and culture of the Rogue Valley, as well as work by Sang-ah Choi produced during her month-long artist residency at Southern Oregon University.  The Museum also features the vibrant silkscreens of Sister Corita Kent, an activist artist who utilized images from popular culture in her prints. The exhibitions are on view through Saturday, June 6, 2015. Chuck Close Exhibition Opens Thursday, June 18 Chuck Close: Face Forward – from the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and his Family Foundation, will be on view from Friday, June 19 through Saturday, September 5. There will be a public opening reception on Thursday, June 18, from 5 to 7 PM. Chuck Close, one of the most influential artists of our time, earned his reputation by continuously reinventing portraiture.  He developed his signature style in the late 1960s when he painted his first self-portrait enlarged to a monumental scale.  Since then, he has […]

JEGA Gallery’s May Celebration of Motherhood and the Divine Feminine with works of art comprising photographs, sculptures, drawings, paintings that will inspire and provoke you.

Free Us From Tyranny! Walnut Sculpture of Mother with one arm outstretched to heaven and the other arm embracing a Child by Artist J. Ellen Austin

JEGA Gallery’s May Celebration of Motherhood and the Divine Feminine with works of art comprising photographs, sculptures, drawings, paintings that will inspire and provoke you.

Lithia Duck Pond: In-progress

Leif is currently working on a large pastel of Lithia Park’s Lower Duck Pond. With a myriad of different trees to paint, the picture is a  study of movement  and flow in numerous shades of green and blues. The completed painting is up for viewing during the month of May. “This painting challenged me in a new way because I used so many different techniques to convey the different leaf structures and light and shadow,” says Leif. Diana is working on a collage honoring Frida Kahlo for Cinco de Mayo. A large piece, the picture contains multiple images of Kahlo, three-dimensional objects recalling the jungle as well as other touches that commemorate this artist’s life. In addition, smaller pieces, such as the one shown above,  are available depicting domestic scenes featuring family images for Mother’s Day, May 10.

Husbands, Wives and Lovers

The Lovers by Rebecca Gabriel

Husbands, Wives & Lovers

Two Hearts Beat As One

the exhibit features artist couples who sometimes work together, sometimes separately. The show combines the work of painters, writers, photographers and more. May 1st features the wines of Platt Anderson Cellars from 5-8 with chocolate! Come be inspired!

Who are the lovers? We never tell…

“SPRING BREATHES NEW LIFE” mixed media paintings by Nancy Zufich

SPRING IN THE GARDEN Mixed Media painting by Nancy Zufich

The colors that Spring brings to our landscape excite me and demand a new palette, a new approach, a fresh breath.

Focus on the Mood


FOCUS ON THE MOOD Paintings by Wayne Armstrong and Karen Staal “I am a great admirer of Vermeer, de la Tour, Hopper and those artists who capture quiet, private moments. Each of these paintings are meant to do the same. The spare compositions, muted colors and lack of features direct attention towards an interior drama. My hope is that each viewer can reveal what is invisible and make tangible what has been implied.” W.A. Karen Staal uses the figure to structure her paintings. Her intention as she begins is not to tell a story but rather to compose by focusing on elements and fundamentals of composition as she paints spontaneously. A successful result for her comes through exploration and discovery during the painting process. Since human figures are the subject, a narrative takes shape and however ambiguous, each viewer brings their own experiences to an interpretation. Occasionally, Karen sees that she has created an image that reflects her personal life.