Electronic Collage Prints by Bruce Bayard

Bridge Sate No. 03 by Bruce Bayard

Electronic Collage Prints by Bruce Bayard at Studio A.B, multimedia performance at the DanceSpace April 18.

Tapestries, Masks, Fused Glass, Jewelry and Silk Scarves at Associate Members Show

"Radiance," by Monique Barker

Hand-woven tapestries and masks, Monique Barker; fused glass and jewelry, Debbie Earley; hand-dyed silk scarves, Connie Simonsen. Maslow art student Crystal Tarbell, drawings.

Ashland High School Artists Featured March 2015

My first experience studying photography was in the darkroom at Willow Wind. I then attended a performing and visual arts school in Miami, FL. I am currently a senior at Ashland High School where I continue to explore my art through the incredible resources and support provided to me by the school and the community. Art is a way to explore and reflect upon life. My belief is that art connects us, as human beings, through common experience; it is my hope that my photography may have a similar effect.  Lars Filson was born in Boulder Colorado in 1997. His time spent there as a child heavily influenced his artwork. With a background in graffiti and street art, you can see elements of bright colors, the use of aerosol paint, crisp lines and other qualities he learned to appreciate in graffiti.

Ceramics by Donna Marie

Ceramics by Donna Marie

Featured artist is Donna Marie with her hand made ceramics. Join Liza upstairs in her studio at AAC. Live music and refreshments for First Friday reception. Three floors of art and artists studios to explore!

AGA Annual Student Show

Student artist, Sonora Mindling-Werling painting

A dozen galleries will feature works by budding young student artists from the Fine Arts Department of Ashland High School.

Fine Wines and Felines

sumi ink by Liz Sheppard

Fine Wines and Felines
As you requested…all cats, all mediums

Friday, March 6 from 5 to 8pm

Wine tasting by South Stage Cellars

Chocolate by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Come celebrate our 13th Anniversary!

“Scenerios”: Peter VanFleet and David Masters


Part painting, part sculpture, Peter Van Fleet‘s work invites us to experience dimensionality, structure,and vibrant color. Wood is peeled, stressed, recombined, and puzzled thru to create new surfaces, elemental colors, and plenty of room for thought about the tumultuous power of creation or the soft quiet of a simple melody. Introducing David Masters, recently moved to the Northwest, presents “Scenerios”, with recycled woods, fragments and scavenged materials torn loose from context.

Screen Captures: Digital Collage by Bruce Bayard

Screen Capture by Bruce Bayard

Screen Captures by digital artist Bruce Bayard, AHS Student Kreshana Belias-Baker

“Expressions of Spring” paintings by Art&Soul Gallery

Morning by the Bay pastel painting by Willo Balfrey

Art&Soul Gallery presents “Expressions of Spring” a gallery show featuring Art&Soul artists exhibiting works that depict the change from winter to the color, light and warmer days of Spring.

The 21st Annual Women With Attitude and Men Who Love Women With Attitude Art Exhibit

Jochen Ziems poses with J. Ellen Austin 2001 Photographer Jim Langhoffer

This years’ art event opens March 6th 2015 for Women’s History Month and runs through April and the Ashland Gallery Association’s A Taste Of Ashland weekend. JEGA is welcoming artist entries for April! Each artist may submit up to two entries with the application form no later than March 23, 2015 for April 2015 Exhibit. There is a $10 submission fee per entry which will be waived for students with proper i.d. Applications are available at the JEGA Gallery, 625 A street, or call 541-488-2474 or email < jega4art@gmail.com