Featuring Ashland High School Students Sonora and Sam

Sonora Mindling Werling They say that for a warrior, the sword should be an extension of the arm; art is like that for my soul. I am not particularly good a verbalizing my thoughts, when I try to explain things I often get muddled up and lost in the tangle of ideas and vague concepts, until I am left wandering a perpetual forest of “Like, if you put the thing with the other thing it would be cool because of reasons.” With art, it’s not like that. If I have a vague idea, I will paint with watercolors and just swirl blues and yellows and reds into cloudy shapes until suddenly, a clear image will appear out of the ambiguous hues. Sometimes I will have a clear thought, and I will create that also, dashing on oils or charcoal until my blank paper is full of my feelings or the images that come to me at 3am. I had an art teacher that used to say that art should be a verb. I am not just doing art, I am arting. I do art because it is my way of […]

Featuring Ashland High School students

Creekside Pizza is excited to feature Ashland High School students Sonora Mindling-Werling and Sam Gostnell. Both artists enjoy to paint in different styles but share a similar understanding of expression. The idea that art can begin with a concept and in the end take on a completely different form is embraced by both. Please come in for some great pizza and check out their unique body of work!

Call For Artist Entries

Current exhibit includes artwork from the following artists: Jason Bueter: metalwork and photography; Christopher Dworin, ceramic sculptures; Dawn Ferrari: stone sculptures; Kristina Royce, digital collages; Tej Steiner: ceramic sculptures; Lucious Upshaw, bronze sculptures; Daniel Verner’s acrylic paintings; Wilkins-O’Reily Zinn, bricolage prints; J. Ellen Austin: intriguing stone and mixed media sculptures. Come by and pick up Entry Form for the JEGA Gallery and Sculpture Garden’s 20th annual “WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE & MEN WHO LOVE WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE!” juried art exhibit. The JEGA Gallery and Sculpture Garden, Inc. is a Working Art Studio with exhibits that include a bodacious mix of visual and contemporary art. Please call or email us for more information about our call for artist entries! JEGA Gallery 625 A Street

“Takes Three to Tangle” Zen Dezigns by Betty Barss, Linda Boutacoff and Charlotte Peterson

Delightfully tangled pears!

Three talented and witty water media artists create Zen DeZigns to delight the eye!

Judy and the Beasts

Judy and the Beasts

Judy and the Beasts – Paintings by Judy Howard and Beastly Ceramics by Julia Janeway

East Meets East Part II

Dancing Deva Bronze Figure

East Meets East Part II

Celebrate Chinese New Year – The Year of the Horse

Come with us to the marketplaces of the Eastern World. Japan, China, Turkey, Afghanistan, Thailand, India, Morocco and Nepal.

Discover artwork, icons, textiles, jewelry, masks and more!

With the addition of local artists interpretations.

“Natural Inspirations” paintings and monoprints by Pam Haunschild

Daisy by Pam Haunschild

Natural Inspirations: Paintings and Monoprints by Pam Haunschild. Join Pam in the Artists Underground at AAC, on the lower level, studio 4B. Special show in the Classroom: Cartoon Art by Curt Evans and Kids Cartooning students. Live music and refreshments.

Let Art Make An Impression!

Contemporary art for your home, office and garden. Entry forms available for our 20th annual “WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE & MEN WHO LOVE WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE!” juried exhibit.