Creekside Pizza is featuring artist Keith Jordan. His bold choice of color and style make these acrylic on canvas paintings come to life.

Featured Artist Keith Jordan

keith jordan

Creekside Pizza is featuring local artist Keith Jordan. His gritty yet colorful work with acrylic on canvas is something to check out.

August 2013 First Friday artists

August artists include photography by Brent Moore, Jon Vait, and Denise Baratta, as well as mixed-media arts by Javier Lopez and Leo Vait. Vocal and guitar music by Alexis.

Figures and Metaphorests by Mabrie Ormes

Nude in Green and OrangeAGA

“The opportunity to draw from the live model is one of Ashland’s special offerings to the visual artist. In my case, I began making the leaf papers about 8 years ago. It took moving to Ashland in 2009 to inspire me to draw on those papers in artist-run sessions featuring the nude model. It was a Eureka! moment. There is something ineffable about the congruence of drawn nude with leaf paper in the way it expresses our humanity as part of Nature. Paintings here that do not include a figure are made on thick art papers that will take a lot of paint. My intention is to evoke landscape from close up. Rhythmic patterns assail the eye in dense forests of leaves: hence, Metaphorests.

Celebrating American Glass

Woven Crystal Bowls

Watch the art of glass blowing at our local studio. Our skilled local glass artists Scott Carlson, Keith Gabor and Jeff Addicott are busy creating custom glass lighting and wall adornments, ornaments, snowmen, vases and tumblers in bold colors. Stop by the studio/gallery to see for yourself, place a custom order or to try it for yourself in a hands-on class. Come in and see as we celebrate our love of American glass. Thank you for all your continued support!


JON JAY CRUSON, extraordinary abstract paintings of northwest landscape by this renown artist .


Perfume of the Forest , 2013, Pate de verre leaves, artifacts and bones. Wall mounted shadow box with museum glass

    Layered glass. Stratified leaf litter. Artifacts of the natural world, crystallized and carbonized. From the imagination of Linda Ethier we are made privy to an intimate and hidden world; one that seems to exist in an undiscovered cave, or sealed in an ancient tomb. Link to image left on Davis and Cline Gallery website. Link to image above on Davis and Cline Gallery website. Link to image above on Davis and Cline Gallery website. Link to image above on Davis and Cline Gallery website.   This spectacular exhibition of fused powdered glass will open on July 5th at 5:00 pm. Join us in welcoming Portland artist Linda Ethier and the premier of this new body of work. Link to exhibitions page on Davis and Cline Gallery website.  

July: Fifteen Years Ago, Studio A.B Established.

Ann DiSalvo and Bruce Bayard present works from fifteen years on the corner of A and Fifth Streets. Surrealism and realism share walls at Studio A.B.

Images of Water

Images of Water
Our Artists Interpretations
15 artists expressions of water through varied mediums. Exhibit of tsunami and flood photos.

“Art is a Verb” Paintings and Mixed Media by Nancy Ashmead

"Art is a Verb" Paintings and Mixed Media by Nancy Ashmead

Galleries, open studios, and artists on all three floors. Featured artist: Nancy Ashmead with “Art is a Verb”. Live music: David Elan Kelley. Special Show in the Classroom: Rogue Hack Lab.

July Featured Artists: Marilyn Reeves and Sandra Davis

Five Galleries & a Sculpture Garden in one place Showcasing Local Artists. Two blocks from the Downtown Plaza

A JEGA Gallery Multi Media Birthday Celebration of Art

July First 2013 kicks of the JEGA’s Birthday Celebration! On AGA First Friday Artwalk, July 5th, JEGA will Celebrate Multi-Media Art from 5pm to 8pm with live music, birthday cake and refreshments. Be prepared for a bodacious mix of visual contemporary art. Live music provided by Tom Stamper and Friends. JEGA Gallery presents artworks by the following artists: Jason Bueter, Photography of the Berlin Wall and Metal Garden Art; Rosemary Dalton, Acrylic Painting; Chris Dworin, Ceramic Sculpture; Michael Fansler, Wood Carvings; Dawn Ferrari, Stone Sculpture; Tom Stamper, Mixed Media Sculpture and Live Music; Tej Steiner, Ceramic Sculptures; Luscious M. Upshaw, Bronze Sculptures; Daniel Verner, Acrylic Paintings; Ingo Wedde, Outdoor Metal Sculpture; J. Ellen Austin, Stone Sculpture and Mixed Media Art. Multi Media Birthday Celebration of Art. Such an incredible array of art from our talented artists in Rogue Valley and beyond! Come celebrate and be inspired! The JEGA Gallery & Sculpture Garden 625 A Street an Art Triplex in Ashland’s Historic RR District on the corner of 5th A Street. Studio AB 621 A Street features resident artists Ann Disalvo and B. Allen Bayard. Shepherd’s Dream 629 A Street The […]