Life Needs Art! Summer at Ashland Art Center

Summer is almost here and with it longer days to happily fill with art and creativity. Take a stroll around all three floors of the Art Center and explore the beautiful art in our galleries and artists’ studios. Live music performed by Sage Meadows. Special Show in the Classroom: Quilting to Honor and Comfort.

Live Glass Blowing Studio and Gallery

By Scott Carlson and Keith Gabor

Watch the art of glass blowing at our local studio. Our skilled local glass artists Scott Carlson, Keith Gabor and Jeff Addicott are busy creating custom glass lighting and wall adornments, ornaments, snowmen, vases and tumblers in bold colors. Stop by the studio/gallery to see for yourself, place a custom order or to try it for yourself in a hands-on class. Have you seen some of our local projects lately? Thank you for all your continued support!

Richard Levitt, photographer and digital artist


Richard LeVitt is a photographer and digital artist living and working in Ashland, Oregon. Richard admires great photographers, and has been fortunate to study with some of the best. His teachers include Ansel Adams, Ralph Gibson, Barbara Morgan, Wright Morris, Olivia Parker, John Sexton, and Jerry Uelsmann. His earliest images were of rural landscapes, and dealt with the unintentional alterations made by time, neglect, and weather. Eventually he became interested in altering the photographs themselves, first by using Jerry Uelsmann’s darkroom techniques, and later by recombining print elements and painting them with watercolors or photo oils. These alterations progressed to the scenes before the camera, where—influenced by Olivia Parker—he composes still-life combinations of found objects. This progression led him inevitably to the computer, and the infinite possibilities of digital media. Beginning with photographs taken by himself and by others, Richard adds colors and transforms compositions to make surprising new works. He says, “Using computer tools gives me incredible freedom. I can experiment with ideas and learn from my mistakes much faster than I ever could in the darkroom. And I can change what the eye sees—new kinds of expression are […]

Ashland Gallery Guide


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First Friday Artwalk


Join us for the monthly walking tour of fine art.

Husbands, Wives and Lovers

The Lovers by Horst Wolf

Husbands, Wives and Lovers… All You Need is Love May and June features our annual exhibit showcasing artists who sometimes work together, sometimes separately. The show combines the work of painters, writers, photographers and more. Come be inspired by the love for each other expressed by these artists. Who are the lovers? We never tell ! Introducing Richard Royce bronze sculptures and digital collage by Kristina Royce.

June Featured Artists: Elin Babcock and Debbie Earley


Ashland Artworks will feature new work by two talented artists in June. Come see Elin Babcock’s Assemblage, Jewelry and Painting, and Debbie Earley’s beautiful fused glass jewelry, functional bowls and plates, and large wall pieces. Come enjoy our five galleries in a garden setting, and lingering conversations on the deck over Ashland Creek! 5 GALLERIES AND A SCULPTURE GARDEN: AAW is home to these outstanding local artists… Elin Babcock’s Assemblage, Jewelry, & Paintings Marydee Bombick’s Functional and Garden Pottery Monique Barker’s Tibetan-style Weaving & Masks Sandra Davis’ Plein Air Oil Paintings, Prints & Cards Don Gilmer’s Assemblage Clocks Debbie Earley’s fused glass jewelry, functional bowls and plates Sierra Gwin’s Nature Inspired Silver Jewelry Cheryl Kempner’s Jewelry, Garden Art & Crazy Clay Birds Claudia Law’s Textile Creations Marcia O’Rourke’s Wall Reliefs, Paintings & Cards George Popa’s Dimensional Wire Sculptures Marilyn Reeves’ Narrative Clay Sculptures Lorene Senesac’s Raku Sculpture & Wall Reliefs Connie Simonsen’s Handpainted Silk Scarves John Weston’s Fine Woodwork & Cutting Boards

“Experimenting with Materials” Assemblage by Dale Muir

Dale is known for her amazing assemblage pieces which give personality and expression to everyday found objects. Her pieces are part 3D collage and part sculpture. They celebrate the character of individual materials by bringing them together in a work of art that shows them in a new and beautiful light. Come see Dale\’s fun and inspiring work in her studio on the lower level. Live music will be performed upstairs by Chapter II, an alternative rock/acoustic band with members from Ashland High School, and downstairs by Thad Jacobson on solo banjo. As always visitors will find galleries, open studios, art, and artists on all three floors of the Art Center. This month’s special First Friday show in the Classroom is Art Honor Society Club at AHS. Highlighting artists and photographers from all grades at Ashland High School, this show was created in order to develop support for a new club at AHS: an Ashland chapter of The National Arts Honor Society, a program dedicated to inspire and recognize students who have shown an outstanding ability and interest in art. This show is curated by AHS senior William Crowley.

Recent Work with Color Theory, Paintings by Judy Bjorlie

These paintings by Judy Bjorlie show her recent work with color theory as taught by Stephen Quiller. Each painting was approached with a different mix of color choices and/or color theory including mixing those gorgeous grayed tones in between complimentary colors. Represented in this work are: Complimentary Relationships, Analogous Color, Color Families, Double Analogous Color Relationships and Triad Color relationships. Judy is one of the six owners/directors of Art & Soul Gallery. Music by the Cantabile Quartet who will be playing single movements by Beethoven, Mozart, Borodin, Shostakovich, Wolf and Gershwin. Judy Bjorlie is a member of the quartet playing the cello.


Michael Schultheis continues to develop ever more complex expressions of his world of descriptive mathematics. Using a richer and more varied color palette his newest work seems to explode with interpretive data. This exhibit will open on June 4 and run to July 27, 2013. The show will be in Gallery Space 1

Bodacious Art That Makes You Think

JEGA presents a bodacious mix of contemporary art in a variety of media by preeminent Northwest artists. Paintings, prints, and sculpture that entice you to think, debate, laugh & enjoy. An Art triplex designed and built by resident sculptor J. Ellen Austin, where artists live above and work below. Includes the JEGA Gallery & Sculpture Garden, Studio AB and Shepard’s Dream on the corner of 5th & A Street, nestled in Ashland’s Historic RR District. JEGA Hours: Tue-Sat at 11-4pm & by appointment. Open 1st Friday art walks until 8:00 p.m. Please contact us for more information: or telephone (541)488-2474.

New Blown Glass

Watch the art of glass blowing at our local studio. Our skilled local glass artists Scott Carlson, Keith Gabor and Jeff Addicott are busy creating glass ornaments, snowmen, vases and tumblers in bold colors. Stop by the studio/gallery to see for yourself, place a custom order or to try it for yourself in a hands-on class. Have you seen some of our local projects lately? Thank you for all your continued support!

Bob Bosworth

Bob Bosworth, master watercolorist and renowned architect has made the Rogue Valley home base throughout his illustrious career. He has designed numerous private estates, unique buildings and received national acclaim for the “Oregon Pavilion” at the world’s fair in Seattle 1962. He is currently focused on painting. “My paintings, abstract or representational, emerge from an impulse to seek nature’s poem. Also, painting and design are what I do best in life.”

Ann DiSalvo and Bruce Bayard, drawings and digital prints

This month, Studio A.B features drawings by Ann DiSalvo and digital prints by Bruce Bayard. During the First Friday Artwalk, there will also be a running video loop of Triptychs, a collage in motion.