We’re surrounded by goddesses this month! Featured artist Cinders Gott has woven her mystical magic, blessing the gallery with Yemaya, Ancient Mother, Selkhet, Ishtar and more. Also in May, the work of local artists Catie Faryl, Lana Campbell, David Gorden and Daniel Vernor. Love Revolution is not an ordinary gallery. We promote conscious relating and safe, healthy sensuality. We’re an artistic gift and education center committed to bringing you a deeper, more playful experience of your erotic side. We promote evocative art as inspiration to discovering your passionate, creative nature. Love Revolution is devoted to opening the dialogue and creating the opportunity for freedom. We hope you will join us.

Fighting Men, Vanessa Calvert, and Summer Camp!

Jack Kirby, Captain America #211, page 1, 1977, Inker: Mike Royer, pen and brush and ink on Bristol board, 15 x 10 in. Courtesy of Aaron Noble and Jenette Goldstein. ™ & © Marvel and Subs.

Fighting Men: Golub, Voulkos, and Kirby To create Fighting Men: Golub, Voulkos, and Kirby, curator Daniel Duford pulled together three seemingly disparate artists who worked with different media and were part of different genres. “Jack Kirby (1917-1994), Leon Golub (1922-2004), and Peter Voulkos (1924-2000) occupy alternate dimensions—their achievements are chronicled in different art histories, each with its own priorities.” However, Duford was interested in exploring the work of these three artists because “they were all immersed in discredited mediums and subject matter—they rooted around in the mud of history and myth, emerging with their own muscular and ham-fisted approach to their respective materials.” Duford conceived of Golub, Voulkos, and Kirby within the theme of Fighting Men because of the violence and power that pervades their works. “The specter of violence and the consequences of power animate this exhibition—raw power emanates from the artwork,” states Duford. Leon Golub’s cautionary paintings depict the violence stemming from political power gone awry. Peter Voulkos’ ceramic pieces are the result of the powerful strength involved in punching great slabs of clay together to arrive at an object of beauty. Jack Kirby’s historically significant comic illustrations […]

Gallery Artists on Display

This month we are featuring original oil paintings by Erin Lee Gafill and Sarah Waldron. Both artists use their rich styles to create evocative images of the natural world. Also on display are new mixed-media artwork by Thomas M. Houston. This new work reflects his ongoing creative explorations inspired by Hawai’i. Additionally, works by Yuji Hiratsuka, Stephen McMillan, Russell Chatham and others are on display. As always, we offer world class custom picture framing for your artwork, memorabilia, photos, needlework and more. We provide nationally recognized design excellence, and the only M.C.P.F. (Master Certified Picture Framer-designated by the Professional Picture Framers Assoc.)in the Pacific Northwest. Come experience picture framing at its’ finest and discover why we are honored to have customers from around the country. We also offer photo restoration to repair and preserve your treasured memories of the past for the future. Additionally, we offer fine art conservation/restoration and frame repair and restoration.

East Meets West

Wataru Sugiyama, known throughout the Northwest and Japan for his extraordinary sculpture based on Hanawa imagery. Also uniquely elegant paintings by Cheryl Williams.

April in England

All English Show featuring the work of: * Ken Deveney, photography * Bruce Barnes, water colorist Gallerie Karon is “A Taste of Ashland” participant

Special Group Show in the Front Gallery

In April, Ashland Artworks will feature works from all of our artists. Be sure to stop by on First Friday! 5 GALLERIES AND THE SCULPTURE GARDEN: As always, you will be more than pleased by our selection of Fine Art and Crafts. AAW is home to these outstanding local artists… Elin Babcock’s Assemblage, Jewelry, & Paintings, Marydee Bombick’s Functional and Garden Pottery, Monique Barker’s Tibetan-style Weaving & Masks, Sandra Davis’ Plein Air Oil Paintings, Prints & Cards, Don Gilmer’s Assemblage Clocks, Sierra Gwin’s Nature Inspired Silver Jewelry, Cheryl Kempner’s Jewelry, Garden Art & Crazy Clay Birds, Claudia Law’s Textile Creations, Marcia O’Rourke’s Wall Reliefs, Paintings & Cards, George Popa’s Dimensional Wire Sculptures, Marilyn Reeves’ Narrative Clay Sculptures, Lorene Senesac’s Raku Sculpture & Wall Reliefs, Connie Simonsen’s Handpainted Silk Scarves, John Weston’s Fine Woodwork & Cutting Boards.

“Blooming” Floral Watercolors by Elaine Frenett

Celebrate spring with “Blooming” – beautiful floral watercolors by Elaine Frenett. Elaine captures light and warmth in her sophisticated watermedia paintings. She is a teacher as well as an artist, leading popular art journaling clinics every month at the Art Center. Come meet Elaine and see her show and her studio on the top floor of the Art Center. Live music will be performed by the local, “vivacious peasant folk” band Patchy Sanders. As always visitors will find galleries, open studios, art, and artists on all three floors of the Art Center. This month’s special First Friday show in the Classroom is called “Hearts and Hopes Illuminated”, a group show featuring submissions from survivors of sexual assault within our community, SOU students, and SASH (Sexual Assault Survivors’ Healing) Support Group. This is the start of a month of local events for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, a worldwide pro-active annual occasion.

Dodie Welcomes Spring

Paintings by Dodie Hamilton-Brandon “Since coming to the Rogue Valley thirty years ago I have been pursuing my art career as a painter and teacher of watercolors. I have become known especially for my florals, but recently I have been venturing into the area of non-objective subject matter using collage and acrylic media. During this month of April, as featured artist, I am showing both areas with the theme “Dodie Welcomes Spring”, which not only expresses my joy at the coming of spring after our dark, cold winter days but also my love of color.” Happy Birthday to Dodie as she celebrates her 93rd birthday this month! Dodie is an inspiration to all of us!In 1998, she was one of the founding owners/partners of Art & Soul Gallery and served with the other owners as Executive director for eleven years.Thank you, Dodie! Dulcimer Music by Douglas Ross.

19th Annual Women With Attitude And Men Who Love Women With Attitude Art Exhibit

JEGA Gallery is celebrating “Women With Attitude and Men Who Love Women With Attitude!” 19th annual Art Exhibit. First Friday April 5, 2013 from 5 pm to 8 pm there will be live music by the Qi Brothers. Aletha Nowitsky will perform at 6 pm. JEGA presents works by the following artists: Judy Benson LaNier, Michael Fansler, Catie Faryl, Eileen Pollock, Rebecca Tallulah, Lucious M. Upshaw and Daniel Verner. Such an incredible array of entries have come in from talented Women AND Men in our Rogue Valley and beyond! These works comprising photographs, sculptures, drawings, paintings and performance art provoke a whole spectrum of thoughts and bring forth a whole range of emotions. What is a woman with attitude? J. Ellen Austin, artist and owner of the JEGA Gallery believes, “‘Women With Attitude,’ and the men who believe in us, exhibit courage in their daily lives and strive to give back to others, their communities and society at large.” J. Ellen goes on to say, “I’m talking about women and men who do something with their lives and keep on doing, keep on learning, growing and contributing.” “Attitude” symbolizes an […]

Blowing Glass

Watch the art of glass blowing at our local studio. Our skilled local glass artists Scott Carlson, Keith Gabor and Jeff Addicott are busy creating glass ornaments, snowmen, vases and tumblers in bold colors. Stop by the studio/gallery to see for yourself, place a custom order or to try it for yourself in a hands-on class. Have you seen some of our local projects lately? Thank you for all your continued support!

Southern Oregon University Student and Alumni Group Show

Essence of Southern Oregon Southern Oregon University Student and Alumni Group Show Featured Artists: Jenna Crawford, Jesse Dewyer, Natalie Blaustone-Dye, Fran Knapp, Rebecca Laursen, Sabrina Markowitz, Antonio Moreno, Taej Von Tangerine, Shannon Yost. Southern Oregon’s essence is captured in nine distinct styles for this exhibit. This collective show features emerging artists from Southern Oregon University’s Art Department. Primarily printmaking this show also features photography and digital works.


Presenting the work of Johan Ziems, former owner of Nuwandart Gallery. This is Johan’s first show since the closing of his gallery of 9 years and 125 First Fridays. His work combines the human form and natural patterns to create a unique combination that portrays the natural beauty of both the world around us and our place within it. Johan has displayed his work in many galleries both locally and in Europe. Love Revolution is not an ordinary gallery. We promote conscious relating and safe, healthy sensuality. We’re an artistic gift and education center committed to bringing you a deeper, more playful experience of your erotic side. We promote evocative art as inspiration to discovering your passionate, creative nature. Love Revolution is devoted to opening the dialogue and creating the opportunity for freedom. We hope you will join us.

Photographers Jospeh Linaschke and Greg Martin, and Painter Keith Johnson

Liquid Assets Wine Bar and Restaurant is now exhibiting the photography of George Martin, Letters to the Sea, paintings by Keith Johnson, and Joseph Linaschke’s View of the World photography.