Exhibition for April & May – JUST NOW

  Combining new techniques in kiln forming glass, this installation by Catharine Newell will feature dramatic wall sculptures of glass birds along with frit “drawings” and some unexpected surprises. This exhibit will open April 2 and run until May 25, 2013. The show will be in Gallery Space 2 http://www.davisandcline.com/Exhibit_Detail.cfm?ShowsID=230

Exhibition for April & May – IN THE STUDIO

Innovative reductionism is the best way to describe the evolving artwork of Peri Schwartz. This exhibition is essentially a snapshot, or a time-stamp if you will, of the artist’s continuing interpretation of her small studio environment. This exhibit will open April 2 and run until May 25, 2013. The show will be in Gallery Space 1 http://www.davisandcline.com/Exhibit_Detail.cfm?ShowsID=226

Chasing the Muse, original paintings by Dixie Kinser

“My paintings represent my journey in chasing my “muse.” I sometimes think, “Ah ha, now I have her.” Then later she taunts me to find her again. It is a constant search to find her in each painting or when working dyeing silk. Actually, dyeing silk was the beginning of my journey. Later I tried watercolor and finally acrylic became my favored medium. I now frequently find that the two mediums work well with each other in my pursuit of the muse.” Dulcimer Music by Douglas Ross.

“It’s For the Birds”

A theme based invitational exhibit with new work in all media by gallery artists. Also on display will be paintings by Raven Borgilt, an exceptional art student and sophomore at Ashland Senior High School.

Taroko Features Cathy Dorris & Gaelyn Larrick

Cathy Dorris, Mixed Media

Currently on display, Gaelyn Larrick and Cathy Dorris have created pieces specifically for Taroko to complement the colors and Asian-themed interior. Cathy Dorris is featuring Zen Series Haiku art. Gaelyn has a collection of colorful Asian landscapes. Upstairs, we also have pieces from William Crowley. Cathy Dorris is a mixed media artist inspired by natural history and ethnic world arts. Her passion is in the journey of creating museum style pieces from ordinary and mundane objects. Gaelyn Larrick is a mixed media artist with passion in creating glimpses of our connection to something intuitively known but not always obvious.

Local artist participates in International Response to Honor the Culture of Iraq

During June, Cathy DeForest is printing four artists’ books on her etching press for the international project, Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here. The project is in honor of the ancient bookseller street in Baghdad that was attacked with a car bomb in 2007. Cathy is one of 260 artists from 24 countries whose books will be exhibited for two years in the US and abroad and then given to the National Library of Baghdad. Please contact Cathy for more details. July 14-15, Cathy and Mary Laird will offer a letterpress printing workshop using Cathy’s Vandercook printing press. The workshop is open to beginning and advanced printers. No previous printing experience is necessary to sign up for the workshop. Cathy DeForest Studio is located in a farmhouse just 5 minutes from Ashland. Visits, arranged by appointment, include demonstrations on antique printing presses and a tour of the book arts studio. Cathy’s most recent work includes: etchings, artist books, poetry pockets and a letterpress broadside featuring the work of Barry Lopez. In the past two years, Cathy’s art was bought by: Amherst College, Brown University, University of Michigan, University of Pittsburgh, UC Santa […]

Assemblage Clocks, Silk Scarves and Nature Inspired Silver Jewelry at Ashland Artworks

In the month of March, Ashland Artworks’ featured artists are: Don Gilmer, whose clocks are assembled with salvage, history and romance, Connie Simonsen, whose hand-painted scarves dance with color, And Sierra Gwin, whose nature-inspired silver jewelry glows with grace and originality. We will also display work from Ashland High School’s art students. 5 GALLERIES AND THE SCULPTURE GARDEN: As always, you will be more than pleased by our selection of Fine Art and Crafts. AAW is home to these other outstanding local artists… Elin Babcock’s Assemblage, Jewelry, & Paintings, Marydee Bombick’s Functional and Garden Pottery, Monique Barker’s Tibetan-style Weaving & Masks, Sandra Davis’ Plein Air Oil Paintings, Prints & Cards, Don Gilmer’s Assemblage Clocks, Sierra Gwin’s Nature Inspired Silver Jewelry, Cheryl Kempner’s Jewelry, Garden Art & Crazy Clay Birds, Claudia Law’s Textile Creations, Catherine McElroy’s Beautiful Watercolors, Prints & Art Cards, Marcia O’Rourke’s Wall Reliefs, Paintings & Cards, George Popa’s Dimensional Wire Sculptures, Marilyn Reeves’ Narrative Clay Sculptures, Lorene Senesac’s Raku Sculpture & Wall Reliefs, Connie Simonsen’s Handpainted Silk Scarves, John Weston’s Fine Woodwork & Cutting Boards.

“Doors and Details” Architectural Photography by Judith Pavlik

Doors and Details by Judith Pavlik

Judith is known and loved for her portraits – of families, children, weddings – and we are delighted to introduce Ashland to her architectural photography as well! Come view her photographs of doors and other man-made details in her work space on the main floor of the Art Center. Her work will be up during March and she will be on hand meeting people and answering questions about her work during the March Art Walk. New! Live music in two locations: Joseph Crowell will be playing on the landing upstairs and Jacob Howard, downstairs in the lounge area next to the Clay Studio. As always visitors will find galleries, open studios, art, and artists on all three floors of the Art Center. This month’s special First Friday show in the Classroom is “Artists for Economic Justice”. In a unit of study on social justice, the third and fourth grade students at John Muir Elementary examined how poverty can inhibit an individual’s access to civil rights. Students reflect on and make a statement regarding poverty in our community through poetry and collage.

April and May Artist

Our featured local artist this month is Rueben Davis. After 14 years in business, owning and operating a snowboard/skateboard shop, a tattoo/piercing shop, a hair salon, and a record store, Rueben went into teaching. Earning a degree in biology and two master’s degrees, he spent the last few years teaching high school biology and environmental science as well as courses at SOU. So what’s next? Painting of course. “My paintings embrace the fact that I have no training or skill as a painter. With no preconceptions of what art should be, I am not afraid of failure. I treat painting as an experiment because in an experiment there is no success or failure, only results. What will happen if I do this? Or that? My paintings are bright and energetic, they are abstract and amateurish, they are fun and large and hard to miss. I am interested in capturing kinetic energy, the impression of movement, as well as the chemistry of colors, arresting a mixture of colors and textures mid reaction to see if I can derive an image from it. Mixing and cracking, clumping layer upon layer of color. […]

13th Annual Pomegranate Exhibit

Thirteenth Annual Pomegranate Group Show. Ann DiSalvo, Denise Souza Finney, Ruthe Woudenberg, Rachel Barrett, Mori D., Ellen Falkner. Figure studies from their weekly meetings, practicing together for a positive influence on personal creativity. Studio A.B presents six artists’ works in varying mediums, all results of ongoing studies of the female form. The Pomegranate Group is the longest standing women’s drawing group dedicated to this genre, meeting weekly to pursue depictions of the ever-changing nature of women’s bodies. The style each artist brings to the exhibit indicates the potentially endless points of view by which to see the feminine form. Chocolate will be on hand both to honor the Oregon Chocolate Festival and to express the artists’ belief that women and chocolate have a special relationship. The Group chooses to exhibit in March to be a part of Women’s History Month.

Faculty Show and Mark Applebaum

Come and see the Schneider Museum of Art’s show, Seeing 8, featuring work by the Southern Oregon University Art Faculty. Featured artists include Marlene Alt, David Bithell, Cody Bustamante, Miles Inada, Kathleen Murney, Peg Sjogren, Robin Strangfeld, and Tracy Templeton. The exhibition will be on view through March 16, 2013. Mark Applebaum, The Metaphysics of Notation Southern Oregon University\’s Department of Performing Arts and Schneider Museum of Art present a series of concerts, talks, and an exhibition by acclaimed composer Mark Applebaum of Stanford University. Dubbed \”The Mad Scientist of Music\” by TED.com, Applebaum composes and performs music that breaks the rules: he has written a concerto for florist, composed a work for three conductors and no players, created immense graphic musical scores, built wild sound sculptures, and is an accomplished jazz pianist. The Applebaum Jazz Piano Duo – Sunday, March 10, 7:30 PM, SOU Music Recital Hall, $15 general, free for students with I.D. The Applebaum Jazz Piano Duo is a two-piano, four-hand, twenty-finger, multi-generational ensemble featuring Bob Applebaum and his son Mark Applebaum. They have concertized from California to Tunisia since their official formation as a duo in […]