For September: Tapestries & Masks by Monique Barker; Watercolors And a New Book by Catherine McElroy

COLORFUL TAPESTRIES AND MASKS, DESIGNED AND CREATED BY MONIQUE BARKER Monique has practiced the art of pile rug knotting on the loom since 1986, when she met her teacher, Karma Sherap, near Katmandu, Nepal. In art school in Paris, she became fascinated with shamanistic masks, another aspect of Tibetan culture. Monique’s richly colored artworks seem transported from another world, and for good reason. But she’s brought them to you. MEET WATERCOLOR ARTIST/AUTHOR CATHERINE McELROY Come and share the laughter with Watercolor Artist/Author aka Queenie Mac, displaying her original watercolor paintings and her new children’s book “It’s An Absolutely Perfect Day For…” Kathy will also present her “Spelletoes” alphabet placards. Enjoy her artwork at; View her book at; MUSIC ALERT: On First Friday, September 7, Ashland Artworks will present CRITICAL MASS, a \”Southern Oregon\” group. Their music is a blend of Jazz, Blues,Latin, and Rock styles with most of their tunes being original and instrumental. The instrumentation of the band is typically rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass guitar, saxophone, congas and set drums, but for the first Friday art walk , it will be rhythm guitar, lead […]

3rd Annual Glass Harvest Festival

Join us September 21, 22 & 23 at Gathering Glass Studio in Ashland for thousands of hand blown glass pumpkins and gourds and live glass blowing demonstrations! Choose the perfect Halloween decor or Thanksgiving centerpiece, all while supporting Mobility Unlinited’s great cause, funding mobility equiptment for working Oregonians. Friday, September 21: 10am – 5pm Saturday, September 22: 10am – 5pm Sunday, September 23: 11am – 4pm

Kickstarter Campaign Benefiting Homeless Youth Featured at Ashland Art Center

Yelena Joy, an artist from Ashland Art Center is Studio # 4, is offering a unique opportunity for homeless youth. Medford has the second highest number of homeless youths in Oregon. The Heart-Art Experience is an art therapy- like process, through which the participant has the opportunity to see himself as fully capable, whole and \”un-broken\”, and to experience inner power and shift limiting beliefs. The project was inspired after Ms. Joy connected with youth in need, most recently with homeless youth at the Maslow Project, a non-profit organization that provides help in meeting basic needs, along with education and enrichment opportunities for homeless and at-risk homeless youth ages 0-21. Joy said, \”When I went to the Maslow project for the first time, I experienced a completely different reality, a reality that is unknown for most of us, and one which we would like to avoid.\” When you need to take care of basic needs, it is easy to forget the power within and to treat yourself as \”broken\” rather than as an equal member of society. Twenty years ago, Ms. Joy began working as a medical psychologist and artist […]


Love Revolution is not an ordinary gallery. We promote conscious relating and safe, healthy sensuality. We’re an artistic gift and education center committed to bringing you a deeper, more playful experience of your erotic side. We promote evocative art as inspiration to discovering your passionate, creative nature. Photographer Mary Landberg is our featured artist this month with her “Lovers Loving collection – Capturing the Intimate Beauty of the Human Form in Love”. Other artists at Love Revolution include Daniel Verner, Roylon Mortensen, Eddie Coyote, Cheryl Haddock, Holly L. Adams, Michael Gibson, Pegi Smith, Robin Leigh, Lindy Kehoe, Damien Leggett and Vrinda Heyden.

Jewels of the Navajo Loom: The Rugs of Teec Nos Pos / Paintings: Eva Lake

Exhibition runs June 28 – September 8, 2012. Opening reception on Thursday, June 28, 5-7 pm. RoxyAnn Winery is generously donating and pouring at the reception. Over three-dozen rugs woven by Navajo weavers between 1910 -1950, are on loan from the Ruth K. Bellikove Collection. Named for the trading post in NE Arizona where the weavers sold their work and shopped for food and sundries, Teec Nos Pos rugs are characterized by complex multiple borders. Often long and narrow, the rugs tend to be bold with outlined geometric elements. Various influences are visible in the Teec Nos Pos designs, from Oriental carpets to Plains Indian beadwork. Though no one is certain how these influences came about, the weavings were designed to tempt both the tourist and home furnishing markets. “My goal in painting is to create an experience you feel as opposed to a composition you read”. And that experience is one of pulsating optical vibration in serial works of Portland-based artist, Eva Lake. Constructed of alternating lines and color, and changes in value and hue, Lake\’s subtle blending of paint keeps the viewer engaged with the entire canvas or […]