East Meets East VI Visit the Marketplaces of the Eastern World * Artifacts * Textiles * Adornments, Artwork and more! * Celebrating our 10th Anniversary * Chocolate Festival Participant featuring Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory chocolate Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the displays of kimonos and other exotic textiles. Admire the intricate embroidery. Try on sensational jewelry, both ancient and contemporary interpretations. Take time to sit back for a cup of tea. (Later, you’ll be sitting on your balcony, enjoying a glass of wine in your new ethnic apparel. Will it be a Japanese kimono or Turkish vest?) Or, if you’d rather, display these wonderful vintage pieces on your wall. The opportunities are endless and exciting! Bring the exotic East into your home without leaving Ashland!

Those Who Don’t Believe in Magic Will Never Find It

Pen and Ink drawings by Gorgeous Gwen “Greetings and welcome to Gorgeous Gwen’s world of Pen and Ink.Within every inch of our earth I find many worlds, textures and abundant life.It is my delight to portray the lyrical and magical details of our earth in Pen and Ink.I pencil sketch my compositions directly onto watercolor paper.I love how the pen connects with the pits and dimples of the textured paper.I use up at least one pen per drawing, laying down thousands of strokes and seemingly miles of ink.” Gorgeous Gwen injects warmth and humor into her detailed natural world inspired Pen and Ink drawings. She has traveled extensively to show her work at some of the nation’s highest rated fine art shows and her drawings are in private collections all over the world. Music by Douglas Ross, Dulcimer

Invented by Jamie Newton

Jamie Newton, formerly of Ashland and now Portland, recently returned from a month long artist’s residency in “Playa”, Lake County, Oregon. Results from his experience there will be included along with previous inventions for the month of March. Jamie, a fine artist, makes Art. The reference to invention is also fitting because his process, especially with sculptural pieces, includes parts that work or do things. What they “do” may be inconsequential or absurd but the process is what it’s all about. His work is generally very complex and yet always appears to be fresh and not labored over. Excerpt from Jamie Newton’s Artist’s Statement: “Part of my fascination with the creative process is following those little sparks that send me off on the tangents, the surprising bits that all of a sudden seem to relate, either to each other or a larger whole. It is usually unexpected and is rarely predictable. Most of the dead ends, or at least the less successful explorations, tend to come with trying too hard. Similar to bearing down on an elusive thought problem, the answer often comes when one is relaxed, been distracted or […]

The Pomegranate Group Twelfth Annual Exhibit

Studio A.B is pleased to present works by Ann DiSalvo, Denise Souza Finney, Ruthe Woudenberg, Rachel Barrett, Ellen Falkner, and Mori D. These are figure drawings from weekly sessions in Finney’s studio. The Pomegranate Group began in 1996 and started showing their work in 2001. The list of alumni is long, with new members arriving by invitation and referral. Blending in easily, new members bring new ways of seeing and drawing that the whole group can learn from. Being a women’s group, topics during the visiting time gravitate to food, family and crafts. And being a group of artists, they share tips and techniques in mediums, styles, and favorite influences in great artists. Chocolate is involved while drawing and while showing the works. Meet the artists and learn about life drawing sessions: what makes them successful whether using charcoal, paint, pencil, pastel or pen. Bassist, Joe Cohoon will perform during the opening.

The JEGA Gallery & Sculpture Garden

The JEGA Gallery & Sculpture Garden’s 18th annual “WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE! And Men Who Love Women With Attitude!” Art Exhibit. JEGA invites artists to submit original paintings, drawings, performance art and sculpture for the 2012 art show that will open for Women’s History Month in March and continue through “A Taste of Ashland” in April. This is JEGA’s 18th year for “WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE & MEN WHO LOVE WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE!” art exhibit showcasing accepted artists’ works. Each year the exhibit delights and compels people to ponder, laugh and ask what is a woman with attitude? And what about men who love a woman with courage, audacity & a sense of humor? The show celebrates Women’s History month and runs through the Taste of Ashland in April. There will be two openings: First Friday, March 3rd 2012 for Women’s History Month and the First Friday, April 6th 2012 through a Taste Of Ashland. Submissions for March show must be received by 5 p.m. Friday, February 17th. Submissions for April show must be received by 5 p.m. Friday, March 16th The JEGA Gallery & Sculpture Garden, a Working Art Studio, with […]

Woven Jewelry by Thalia Keple Featured at Ashland Art Center

Thalia Keple will be featuring her woven jewelry in her studio – #8 upstairs at AAC – during the month of April. Thalia is an accomplished fiber artist, who has been working with the medium for over 40 years and has been dedicating the last 14 to it nearly full time. Her intricate needle woven jewelry pieces are miniature tapestries, mixed with beads and metals. Her eye for color and flair for drama make her pieces very desirable and being light weight and soft, they’re very comfortable to wear. She will be discussing her work with visitors during the First Friday Art Walk, April 6, from 5 – 8 pm. Featured music will be live a capella harmonies by Jane Sterling and Jacquelene Ambrose. Join us for their sultry, heartfelt familiar songs. Art and Artists on all three floors of the Art Center!