Jesse Widener Newest Photography…”alternate perceptions of commonly accepted reality”

Jesse says, “Reality is perceived, and this is entirely subjective as perception itself. Constraining our perception to one “reality” when…in some way, reality either ceases to exist or never existed to begin with.”

Sue Bennett, on Location in France

This show represents 15 years of gratefully painting on location in France. Standing at an easel in Rodin’s Sculpture Garden in Paris was a moving and challenging experience: In front of me was the sculpture of The Burghers of Calais. People watched to see it interpreted in watercolor. In countless locations, I’ve loved painting peaceful scenes of beauty and charm: villages, mills and landscapes. Seeking out countryside subjects that speak to my heart has become a passion. I am full of awe and appreciation for the influence of the French impressionists in my own love of art. Painting gear for watercolor is easy to carry, a necessity because the trips include planes, trains, busses, cars and miles of walking. I’ll soon return to a favorite farm near Bergerac; then leave there to explore a new area hoping to capture more antiquity of this country. Dulcimer Music by Douglas Ross.


Carol Ingram’s unique style captures a drama reminiscent of the paintings created by JMW Turner late in his career. “For me, painting is a mysterious process. I start each painting with a general idea of what I’m going to do, but as I work, the dialogue begins, and things start evolving. My job is to be responsive to what is happening on the canvas, to recognize when it’s good, and to move with it. This involves letting go of knowledge, preconceived ideas, and too much thinking, and that can be really hard. But after all these years of painting, the only thing that works for me is to trust the process. I love the fact that when a painting is finished, I’m always surprised at how it looks, and I think, how did I paint that?” Dennis Meiners work is known for highly textured surfaces and metaphoric content. “The act of making things is a magical privilege for which I have made and will make many sacrifices. I have found that the objects that result from the act of making are secondary to being in the process of bringing those […]

October Fundraiser at Ashland Art Works: Step-Up to Help Out

“Step-up to Help Out” Fundraiser Clay Creatures by Marydee Bombick Fine woodworking by John Weston “STEP-UP to HELP OUT” is Ashland Art Work’s annual Fall Fundraising Event. Local artists and students have uniquely painted 35 (?) hand-crafted wooden serving trays and stools. Donations from the sale of the art pieces will benefit two local charities: Maslow Project for Homeless Youth and the Jackson County Humane Society. The gallery is requesting a minimum donation of $50 per tray or stool. “CLAY CREATURES” will feature whimsical clay animals hand-built by Marydee Bombick. “WONDERFUL WOOD” will highlight the fine woodworking of John Weston. Benches, letter boxes, coat racks, bowls, and cutting boards are all crafted from sustainable local and exotic woods. SPECIAL DEBUT: During the first two weeks of October we are pleased to present talented young artist Madelyn Getzoff, who recently sent us this statement about her work: “I am a senior at Ashland High school, and I plan on graduating this January of 2013. All graduating seniors are required to complete a senior project. I decided to take this as an opportunity to focus my project on something that has always […]

Opening Up To New Perspectives: Art that encourages people to open up their perspectives and ways of viewing the world.

‘Opening Up To New Perspectives’, is the title of a stone sculpture by resident sculptor, J. Ellen Austin and is a feature of this month’s exhibit. As an artist, J. Ellen appreciates that Art has the potential to provoke and challenge a viewer’s perspectives and ways of looking at the world. Italian translucent alabaster is a distinctive choice for an artist to open up and allow light to naturally shine through the stone. This particular stone inspired her to create a symbol of harmony and hope. She asserts that, “‘Opening Up To New Perspectives’ is something I have tried to do throughout my life, and I hope other artists and art appreciators might consider doing themselves.” She desired to create a sculpture that would encourage dialogue. Art that encourages people to open up their perspectives and ways of viewing the world. Allow yourself to open up to new perspectives. Join us this month at the JEGA Gallery. Be prepared for a bodacious mix of visual and contemporary art including: paintings, drawings, performance art and sculpture. The JEGA Gallery & Sculpture Garden, Inc., 625 A Street an Art Triplex nestled in […]

Southern Oregon Landscape Photographs by David Lorenz Winston Featured at Ashland Art Center

David Lorenz Winston is an award winning photographer, internationally recognized for his nature photography. His crisp winter landscapes and stunning images of trees enhance art and photography collections around the world. “I feel fortunate to be living and photographing in Southern Oregon,” David says, “The quick access to superb landscapes along with changing seasons and weather patterns give the terrain a delightful freshness that keeps me returning for more.” During the October Art Walk, David will be greeting visitors and answering questions about his work in the Photographers’ Gallery on the main floor of the Art Center. Enjoy live music by Chris Johnson and Mark Arinsberg and discover art and artists on all three floors of the Art Center.


Love Revolution is not an ordinary gallery. We promote conscious relating and safe, healthy sensuality. We’re an artistic gift and education center committed to bringing you a deeper, more playful experience of your erotic side. We promote evocative art as inspiration to discovering your passionate, creative nature. Photographer Mary Landberg is our featured artist this month with her “Lovers Loving collection – Capturing the Intimate Beauty of the Human Form in Love”. Other artists at Love Revolution include Daniel Verner, Roylon Mortensen, Eddie Coyote, Cheryl Haddock, Holly L. Adams, Pegi Smith, Robin Leigh, Lindy Kehoe, Damien Leggett and Vrinda Heyden. Love Revolution is devoted to opening the dialogue and creating the opportunity for sexual wellness and freedom. We hope you will join us.

Selections from Portland2012: A Biennial of Contemporary Art

The Schneider Museum of Art (SMA) at Southern Oregon University is excited to present an inspiring exhibition that is a major survey of work by Oregon visual artists who are defining and advancing the contemporary arts landscape. The exhibition will be showing from Friday, September 28 – Saturday, December 8, 2012 with an opening reception on Thursday,September 27, 5:00 TO 7:00 PM. Patrons are encouraged to visit frequently this fall as artwork will be rotating during the exhibition. Portland2012: A Biennial of Contemporary Art was conceived of and produced by Disjecta Contemporary Art Center in Portland,Oregon and curated by Prudence F. Roberts. It is the second installment of the biennial-following Portland2010,curated by Cris Moss-in an ongoing survey of contemporary art practice in Oregon. SMA Acting Director Erika Leppmann worked with curator, Prudence Roberts, and Disjecta Director, Bryan Seurath, to select a group of artists from the Biennial for the fall exhibition at the Schneider Museum of Art. Prudence F. Roberts, currently an instructor of art history at Portland Community College, served as curator of American Art at the Portland Art Museum from 1987 to 2000. Curator Roberts reviewed 280 applications […]